Instagram has become incredibly popular with businesses, with more and more signing up every week. It can however be a difficult platform to make the most of. Here are our 10 top tips to help you capitalise on your business’ Instagram presence.

1. Instagram for Business Blog:

Instagram has taken note of its popularity with businesses and created the Instagram for business blog. It’s a great way to keep up with new features on Instagram, as well as tips for making the most of Instagram for your brand and examples of what other businesses are doing.

Instagram Blog
2. Get yourself a following and always follow back:

Growing a following on any platform takes time, so start with these tips and be consistent with your posts.

Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Once connected your Instagram uploads will automatically display in your Facebook feed adding more content to your page. Plus connecting your Facebook & Instagram accounts means you can take advantage of the ‘Find & Invite Friends’ feature which automatically generates a list of your Facebook friends who are on Instagram to follow.

Use hashtags that are relevant to you.
Always tag your photos with hashtags but make sure they are relevant to the photo and your business. You can also get involved in the visual community with the trending hashtags, for example #InstaTravel if you’re in the travel industry. Try not to use more than 3 hashtags per posts though, any more you look like you’re spamming.

Engage other followers by following them and liking their photos.
Simply following people with relevant interests to your business and liking their photos will encourage them to do the same for you.

3. Optimise your profile

As with all social media you need to include your brand information in a way that works for the platform.
Here’s a great infographic from on setting up a Instagram profile for your business:

Instagram graphic



4. Use the right filter

b&wFilters are what made Instagram popular and there’s a wide range to choose from. When picking a filter for your photographs try and make it fit with your brand. Taking images of high tech projects with a sepia filter for example could confuse your brand followers.

Despite what you may think, not everything looks better in ‘low-fi’ so keep your brand in mind when choosing a filter.

5. Take advantage of trends and develop your own hashtag
Alex Gorzen Photo Credit_PumpkinLogo

Its important to create a schedule of content to post, but you also need to be reactive. Each week or season there’s bound to be trends you can get involved in. Do a quick Instagram search to see what’s trending and work with it. #pumpkins trending in October? Why not carve your business logo into a pumpkin and Instagram it using hashtags #HappyHalloween #pumpkins #YourBusiness.

By #YourBusiness I mean create your own company or product hashtag using your brand name or tag line, then use this hashtag with your business content to make your photos more searchable and recognisable. Check out big brands like Nike for inspiration. #JustDoIt

6. Balance fun images with business pictures

Don’t make it all business. Instagram is about fun, eye-catching, beautiful images. It’s a great place to post images of your products or offers, but make sure to also post images that allow people to see the fun side of your business. Behind the scenes images are great for this. Not only does it help show a positive working environment to your customers, it’s also a great way to show customers where the products they purchase are coming from. The more creative you are with your content the more likely your pictures will be ‘liked’ and shared.

7. Don’t forget video

Speaking of great content, don’t ignore Instagram’s video feature. Instagram now allows you to create 15-second videos. This is a great way to showcase your products in action. Add music or commentary to make your content more engaging.

Statigram-screengrab.jpg8. Use analytics tools

Instagram is one of the few social platforms that hasn’t adopted a desktop friendly user experience, so use an analytics manager like to manage your profile from your desktop. helps you search, ‘like’, and comment from your desktop with ease rather than tediously typing into your mobile phone to respond to customer comments. Plus the analytics tools help you better understand your Instagram followers.

9. Run a competition

Once you’ve established a following why not run a competition to get your followers engaging with your brand. Ask fans to upload photos using a specific competition hashtag relevant to your brand or product. Instagram competitions can help create a buzz around your business and have the added benefit of creating user generated content for your Instagram and Facebook pages. Why not ask fans to upload photos of themselves using your product or visiting one of your store locations – driving visibility for your brand. Digital Visitor can help you set up Instagram competitions for business which integrate across your social platforms.

Instagram_splash_v2 (2)

10. Take advantage of the new ads
With Instagram rolling out its new Ads this week, establishing your business presence on Instagram has never been more important. Take note of the first sponsored posts over the next few weeks for inspiration and schedule your own Ads into your content plan for the future.

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