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As social media has become more and more popular, it’s hard to gauge just what people want from your profiles. Do they want fun and silliness or is it all about news and what your company can do for them?

The truth is, what people want differs from customer to customer and social media marketing is a balancing act, but there are ways to make your updates suit your consumer base and make them want to share your news with their friends and family.

Here are 10 top tips to make content that your customers will want to share.

10) Firstly always use yourself as a guinea pig.
Think about what posts you engage with. If you’re writing things that you think are useless, uninteresting, or sound ‘salesy’ DON’T use them.

9) Use each platform differently.
For example LinkedIn and Google+ are aimed more at the business side of things whereas Twitter and Facebook can be more fun. Judge your tone carefully. Don’t talk to your fans in corporate tones on any social platform though. Remember this is social media, make fans feel included using pro nouns like ‘you’ instead of ‘customers’ etc.

Magnifying Glass8) Check, check and check again.
Although social media is the quickest way to get your point across take time to check all spelling and grammar. One mistake and your status’ are less likely to be shared. Proofread everything and double check your links. If you don’t the results could be a little embarrassing. I am particularly guilty of this being an American and managing UK social media pages – organize/organise? color/colour? Before I’ve had my coffee who knows which spelling you’ll get, so check it again!

7) Ask questions.
Engage with customers by asking them relevant questions about your company, their opinions on new products or even about current events in your city/local community. This makes customers feel like their opinion is valid and that you care. According to Social Media Examiner “‘where,’ ‘when,’ and ‘should,’ drive the highest engagement rates, with ‘would’ generating the most likes.”

6) Allow behind the scenes access.
You’d be surprised at how interested fans are in behind the scenes access. Pictures of an employee’s birthday, a team-building day out, or first-hand access to a new product make great content. Peeking behind the scenes makes people feel more involved with your company and helps them feel like they know where your products are coming from.

5) Offer fan only promotions.
Sometimes a little incentive is needed. Offer easily shared fan only promotions to make your followers feel valued. This can be easier than you think. Something as simple as a ‘secret word’ for people to quote for one day only that entitles them to a small discount. Facebook Offers are a great paid for tool for fan only promotions. When fans claim your Facebook Offer their friends see it as a story in their newsfeed, increasing visibility for your business. Digital Visitor can help up you set up Facebook Offers for your business.Point5 Facebook Offers

4) Use images.
It’s been proven over and over again that people respond better to images online than they do to reams of text. If you can get your point across in an image it’s more likely to be read and shared. Infographics are a great way of cramming information into a status. Or try encouraging customers to share images of themselves with your product or at your local business as a fun way to get free content and help create a loyal online community.Cyprus_Use Photos

Our Social Experiences Facebook App has been designed to help you do just this! Easy to integrate and simple to use, the App plugs directly into your Facebook page and enables users to upload photos and videos of their experiences, share them on their social profiles and Like your business.  Best of all we contact your customers for you, asking them to share their experiences.

3) What makes you different to your competitors?
Always be sure to do your research.
A quick search can help you not only see what your competitors are doing but make sure you’re providing something different to them. Offering your consumer base something different will give you more chance of getting your content shared, not to mention keeping your competitors on their toes.

2) Don’t be afraid to use ‘action’ words.
You may think it seems pushy, but simply using certain words can get through to more fans. If you’re direct with what you want from fans you’re more likely to get it. “Buddy Media found that action keywords like ‘post,’ ‘comment,’ ‘take,’ ‘submit,’ ‘like,’ or ‘tell us,’ are the most effective,” says Social Media Examiner.

1) Most of all: Be relevant.
It’s no good posting the latest viral video or cat meme if it’s not relevant to what you do. Always make sure your working with your SEO keywords or social media themes. You need to find that appropriate balance of status updates. It’s important to use a mix of posts that appeal to your followers’ interests, teach them things, entertain them, and promote your business. Pay attention to the response you get from each post and get a picture of what your fans want.

Whether you have a single Facebook page or accounts on multiple networks, we can provide on-going social media channel management including content creation and regular posting.

Get in touch with the team now and find out how powerful social media can be.