We recently followed a very interesting discussion on LinkedIn where members shared their tips on how to get more Facebook ‘Likes’.  So we have compiled a list, including some of our own expert tips, to give you some practical ideas on how you can get more ‘Likes’ for your business on Facebook.

Some of these may seem obvious, but nevertheless, we have still mentioned them – at least you’ll know you’re on the right track!

1. Customise your Facebook page URL

Vanity URLs are a fantastic way to make your fan page memorable and easy to find. Remember that this cannot be changed once it is set, so choose wisely.

2. Optimise the image options

As the saying goes ‘a picture says a thousand words’  so to really optimise your business page you should use the largest profile picture possible.

Currently the maximum profile picture size is 200 x 600 pixels.



3. Include your Facebook page URL in your email signature

How many emails do you send each day? Now imagine each email you send is a chance for someone new to find out about your Facebook page!

4. Write a blog post about your new Facebook page

Give your readers compelling reasons why they should join your page. Don’t beg,  just point out some of the reasons why they will benefit.

5. Put a Facebook ‘Like Box’ widget on your blog or website

The ‘Like Box’ is a social plugin that enables page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to:

–  See how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too

–  Read recent posts from the Page

–  Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page

Place this in your blog/website sidebar but when you do this, make sure you set the options to include ‘Facepile’. That way, you’re ‘Like box’ will show your readers how many of their friends like the page as well.

6.  Add ‘Like buttons’ on your website

Installing a Like button on your website will help drive extra traffic to your posts/articles and it will also show that Facebook is an integral part of your brand.

The more you can integrate Facebook with your site, the more likely people will be to join your Facebook page.

7. Create a custom welcome tab

It can be a little confusing for a person unaware of your brand to land on your Facebook Wall. If they have no or little idea who you are, it can take a while to find out reasons for them to Like you.

You can mitigate this by creating a custom welcome tab. This can be a static graphic which welcomes brand new fans to the page, informing them of the brand, offering them benefits and reasons for them to join the community and finally, encouraging them to Like via a strategically placed arrow.

8. Offer an incentive for people to Like your page

If you decide to go down this route, make sure you create a dynamic Facebook landing page with a ‘reveal tab’ that contains content that is visible only to fans of your page.

The more valuable your incentive is, the more people will be compelled to click the Like button to access it.

Examples of exclusive content could be: An exclusive video, an exclusive whitepaper/.pdf, or exclusive pictures.

9. Tag other, well-trafficked fan pages in your updates

Their fans might see your page and you may get some cross-traffic. Similarly, if you host (or attend) an event with several of your fans, take photos, post them to your page, and then tag them in the pics. This will post to their walls as well and will drive additional traffic to your page.

10. Include your fan page URL on your Twitter profile background

Lots of ‘tweeters’ still use the web-based version and your profile background as a prime piece of web real estate. Cross-advertise and use one social network to promote another.

11. Ask your Twitter followers to join your fan page

Again, you should give some compelling reasons why your Twitter base should join your Facebook community.  You might want to tie this up with when you are running a great competition.

12. Put your fan page URL on your business cards

Combine offline and online by letting the people you meet face to face know about your fan page.

13. Invest in Facebook ads

They’re easier than you think and you can spend as little (or as much) as you’d like.

Facebook advertising is a smart way to promote because you can target specific demographic and interest groups.

14. Ask fans to help reach a certain milestone

So you’re page is on 955 Likes. This is a great opportunity to leverage the power of your existing audience to get results.  Politely ask your current fans for some help to push you to the 1000 mark by sharing your page.

You could even promise something special for your fans if they help you get to your milestone.  For example, an exclusive video or coupon. But dont ask this too often or you may end up diluting the power of this tactic.

15. Promote your page in your YouTube videos

If you make compelling videos as a part of your content marketing strategy, throw in a well-timed Facebook page link at the end of your YouTube videos.

16. Newsletter promo

Send a message to your subscribers letting them know about your Facebook page and consider including a link to your page in every email newsletter.

17. Contact admins of groups related to your page

Groups are more powerful than pages in terms of their messaging ability. Pages send updates, but groups send messages directly to a users Facebook inbox, triggering an email alert.

If you contact the admin of a Facebook group in the hope of sharing your news, make sure it’s relevant and that it will add value to their readers – helping to nurture their community and help build yours.

18. Track your growth with Facebook insights

Use Facebook insights to analyse what activities drive the most growth.

You might also notice some important demographic information for example the gender and age of the people on your page. Once you know this information you can focus your content to appeal to the age group and gender of your fans.


19. Use the questions feature

If you find you’re having a slow week on your Facebook page, and that you’ve noticed that the engagements for your posts have dropped off, use the questions feature. Asking questions is a terrific way to better understand your market and to get people to interact with your page.

20. Create something worth Liking

In attracting Likes to your Facebook page, it is important to create a page that provides worth to your followers. So rather than following the standard procedure of just posting article after article and also the occasional video (whilst trying to be personable and likable); why not provide a worth-while community on Facebook, where you answer your followers questions within a narrow time frame based on your specific niche.

Another benefit around creating a Facebook community is that when a question is asked, the members of the community can answer it for you, thereby your community is creating worth for you! However, it is wise to try and have your own input in posts as this can make it seem more personable and likable.

Have we missed any? Do you have any tips on Facebook likes to share?

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