We believe that Social Media can be effective for any (yes ANY) business. Small or large, sexy or practical – with the right plan, content & delivery – social can deliver genuine returns against a range of objectives.

So it holds true that brands in a highly competitive marketplace like financial services can see real benefits from the right approach, however difficult it might seem to engage customers.

In the finance sector, insurance companies are especially challenged to make social pay its way.  With Insurance an occasional distress purchase, meaningful engagement with customers can feel a very distant objective. But with the right approach, high quality email addresses are ripe for the picking from social and that’s the commercial currency that financial services companies trade on the best.

Based on our extensive experience in the sector and recent learnings about Facebook changes that have dramatically impacted the potential to acquire leads from the network, we’ve put together some ideas that we know will be effective at delivering quality email leads for Insurance companies from Facebook. Software for insurance agencies could also help to enhance these leads to provide a better insight into your customer demographic.

Product range pairs

A fun and addictive Facebook promotion that challenges customers to pair up items they own and that need insuring. The example shown is for a specialist insurer, but will work just as easily for mainstream car, motorcycle, home contents or travel insurers.

Generic insurance ideas 1 - Pairs

How it works

Why you’ll love it:

Customer Profiling Questionnaire

A fun and engaging Facebook multiple choice questionnaire that helps entrants discover their personality type and provides useful pre-qualifying insights for insurers on entrants’ attitudes towards risk and other important factors.

Generic insurance ideas 2 - Quiz

How it works

Why you’ll love it

Watch & Win

An immersive Facebook promotion that makes potential customers watch a promotional video or advert to find the answer to a question.

Generic insurance ideas 3 - Watch

How it works

Why you’ll love it


How our campaigns work

We activate our campaigns through highly targeted Social PR and Influencer outreach combined with optimised Social advertising to deliver reach to exactly the right audience.

Data capture is comprehensive and flexible allowing full compliance with all opt-in regulations and all applications are fully functional on desktop, mobile and tablet.

We specialise in arranging highly relevant top quality commercial partners for our promotions. As part of the arrangements with them, we can negotiate free product as prizes, access to their social networks and inclusion in their newsletters to further extend campaign reach.

We also ensure awareness is raised in your existing community by working with third party or in-house social teams on special announcements via your existing profiles.

Finally, we actively support commercial follow up of any campaign with offers such as discount or money off coupons via the campaign mechanic or a follow up newsletter to deliver a direct return on campaign investment.


For more information on these highly effective ways to collect pre-qualified customer leads from social media – and Facebook in particular, please contact us or call 0117 9111420.