Humanise your marketing voice

Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread your brand message on social media and the best word of mouth comes from creating brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are customers who love your brand so much that they are willing to share your content with their friends, and in order to win over brand ambassadors you need to be a friend – meaning act like your customers’ friends on social media. You need to humanise your brand and here are 5 quick tips to help you do it…

1. Vary Your Content

It’s very important not to scare customers off with a constant stream of marketing messages, so follow the 5-3-2 rule. Out of every 10 posts:

2. Tell Your Story

Who are you really? How did your company come to be? Believe it or not, your customers care about where your products or services come from and they’re interested in the story behind it all. Share your brand’s story connecting your history with your brand values and the benefits you offer. A great example can be seen in last year’s Ted Baker 25 Years campaign.

3. Say Thank You

Reply to EVERY comment, tweet, or mention. Thank customers who share content, or simply mention your brand, and be sure to reply to ALL questions, even non-business ones. Acknowledging a customer’s engagement will make them more likely to engage with your brand in the future as they know there’s someone listening on the other end.

4. Made a Mistake? That’s Okay, You’re Human!

If you’ve made a mistake like sending a customer the wrong order and they’ve posted it to your social media channels, admit fault and humanise your error. Customers will be much more likely to forgive you if you reply with something genuine rather than scripted corporate sounding reply.

Customer service tweet

5. Take a Stand

Most big brands are too afraid to land on either side of an issue for fear of losing customers or corporate restrictions requiring them to stay neutral on social media. This is where you can stand out. Have an opinion on issues that are important to your brand and share relevant content. If your brand works with a charity, why not share their messages and opinions through your social channels? Showing you care about a world issue proves you’ll care about your customers issues as well (i.e. getting the wrong order from you).

Whether you have a single Facebook page or accounts on multiple networks, our social media agency can provide on-going channel management including content creation and regular posting from a real human voice – no robots, we promise!