online shoppingMany people spend longer online during winter and for some industries, it’s also a very important booking period so running social media campaigns in winter can have a big impact on your brand visibility during this time.

Additionally, a well delivered social media campaign should significantly increase your community size, provide you with valuable consumer and market research data, and provide email addresses for future marketing opportunities, not to mention drive engagement and loyalty for existing fans.

Here are our top 5 social media campaign ideas you can run during winter, turning what could be a frosty sales period into a hot one!

Don’t forget these kind of campaigns usually run for 2-3 months end to end so you need to start designing, sourcing technology, winning coverage with bloggers and writers and organising your incentives right now!

1. Winter Treasure Hunt: find the snowflake

With this Facebook campaign, we challenge users to find a certain symbol somewhere on your website.


Each day, the symbol moves to a different page, to encourage repeat visits and continuous engagement.

This is a great campaign to run if you’d like to showcase a number of different products or services on your website and ramp up traffic.

2. Winter Sun: offer an exotic sun-drenched escape

A popular campaign for many brands, winter sun competitions are a great way to provide those of us who are desperate and sun deprived with the opportunity to escape the cold.

winter sun

We all love to dream about beaches during the winter, when the sun stays hidden behind thick, gray clouds (pretty much all the time here in the UK).

Travel agents could launch a winter sun social media campaign to provide an escape to a warmer client, while a retail brand could suggest appropriate products and services to make people feel like they’re enjoying a day in the sun or taking a holiday (think beauty products or foods and beverages that offer a spicy kick!)

3. Snow Supremo or socialite: what are you?  

Entertain your fans and give new ones a reason to visit your page with a fun, tongue-in-cheek ski/snowboard personality test.


If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding, you’ll most probably recall some of these personalities out on the slopes. You know: the guy who wears the crazy jester hat or zebra pyjamas; the lady with the matching designer ski jacket, pants, neck-warmer, headband, socks… (you probably get it by now); or the dad who knows best with all the latest, flashiest equipment including skis, Swiss army knives and a GPS.

Once the user has answered all the questions, they’ll then get a definition of their personality. If on Facebook, make sure you use a competition app which encourages the user to share the results with their friends and family. This will increase the reach of your campaign and drive further engagement.

4. Winter Wonderland: focus on winter’s wonders

The complete reverse of the above. Drive engagement and raise awareness of your brand by launching a campaign to focus on the positives of winter!


A snowy, icy, cold, or rainy world can be very beautiful and often has sounds and smells of its own.

Countries like Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland have run successful campaigns to showcase why winter is THE perfect time of year to visit.

Why not use your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ideal) to showcase why your winter destination is the best and offers tourists with a truly unique winter travel experience.

Create a specific hashtag (Slovenia used #WintersLOVEnia and #ifeelsLOVEnia) to help create the online narrative when posting photos and videos. The Slovenia campaign, which ran for 20 days, generated impressive results, with 1.5 million impressions, reaching more than 400,000 twitter users and generating 1,500 tweets.

For destinations especially, why not showcase all that your city has to offer by developing a Facebook Map App. Visitors to your page are encouraged to explore the map to discover all of the winter wonders of your city. Each day, a beautiful new location/attraction is unlocked, giving users the chance to win a prize AND enabling you to educate users about why YOUR city is simply the best when the temperature drops.

5. Best Ski / Snowboard Video or Snow Angel

We know you will have already seen hundreds of video and photo campaigns throughout the year, but video and photo competitions on social media channels are a great way to capture content in an environment where sharing rich media is encouraged.

Plus skiers and snowboarders (like skateboarders) are already in a culture where they love to film themselves. Just search on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of clips of snowboarders showing off their skills (and stacks too).


Create a viral effect driving new exposure to your brand by inviting people to upload videos or pictures, and other users to vote for the winner! Best of all, you can then use all this awesome user generated content in future marketing activities.

Don’t let your business hibernate this winter; leave that to the bears and the bees (yes, we didn’t know bees hibernated either).

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your winter social media campaign requirements.