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YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (yes, really) and also happens to be the world’s biggest video site with 864,000 hours of video uploaded every day. So if your business produces video content of any kind, then you need to consider investing in a YouTube presence. Before we dive into our guide to YouTube, here are some more interesting statistics about YouTube taken from their press room;

Just late last year, YouTube unveiled a new facelift in an attempt to make it easier to navigate, so we decided to create a guide to the basics of good YouTube marketing. It can be easy to miss out on the little details which can really help supercharge your video marketing.

Get your channel up to date

YouTube has finally revamped its channels, adding a tab structure to the page, so users can explore the featured videos, check out the channel’s activity on the feed and see a complete list of all their video content.

Ensure your channel background and logo are optimised and complement your overall channel design. Below is an image of the Digital Visitor YouTube channel. Click here to visit our channel.

YouTube channel

Optimise, optimise, optimise

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An ITN News video, with important keywords in the title, links in the description and specific and wide keywords.

You might think your work is done once you’ve uploaded a video. But you’d be wrong. Every video is a fantastic opportunity to link up your SEO strategy with your video marketing. Your title, description and tags are all perfect for adding your target keywords. Be careful though, this metadata is public, so ensure your title and description still read naturally and not like link bait! A few tips to ensure your metadata is in working order:

Add extra value through annotation

YouTube annotations

Example of annotations on a video Often overlooked, YouTube’s annotation features are a great way to capture referrals from your audience, because when do you have their attention more than when they’re engrossed in your video content? Annotations can be linked to other videos, playlists, or even let a user subscribe to a channel direct from the notation. You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear. Here’s some ideas on creative uses of annotations:

Stay organised with Playlists

YouTube BBC

The BBC YouTube channel’s Playlists, organised by series. If you produce a high volume of video content, a new viewer could be overwhelmed by your channel if all of your videos simply appear in a chronological list. Where should they start? How do they find the content that relevant to them? The answer is Playlists. Organise your videos through Playlists to help viewers discover your best content, and benefit from extra video views and interactions. Here’s a few tips on how to use the Playlists feature to improve your channel:

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