With brands across industries accelerating their uptake of digital media for marketing purposes, the battle for meaningful coverage online has never been so fierce. Airlines, in particular, are feeling the financial and qualitative impact of this acceleration as they fight for airline with an ever stronger list of competitors.

This eBook has been written with this growing problem in mind. Indeed, the 5 tactics explored within are designed to give airline marketers a leg up on the competition in one of 2017’s fastest growing digital marketing trends; influencer marketing.

Delivered in isolation or combination, each tactic can be executed by the marketing manager or executive at a national or international level. Most importantly, each tactic has been field-tested and proved to deliver results for our clients.

About Digital Visitor

Digital Visitor is an integrated social media agency, powered by its employees’ expertise in delivering targeted social media marketing. Specialists in delivering social media solutions for the travel and tourism industry, we work with a number of leading national and international brands. These include; All Nippon Airways (ANA), AccorHotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Visit Japan and Visit Eastbourne.

5 Creative Influencer Marketing Tactics

Interested in this whitepaper?  Drop us a message and we can send it over to you if you like, but please bear in mind, it has been a few years and things have moved on since then. 

We’re in the process of updating this paper, but in the meantime make sure to check out 2021 Whitepaper: An Industry Renewed for some more recent advice.