If you’re a Bit.ly user you will find all that copying, pasting and navigating links can be a bit time consuming and frustrating.

However, the programing ninjas at Bit.ly have integrated shortcuts into their already user friendly website, so that you can use Bit.ly to gather insight on your tracked links in a smarter and faster way. Read on to find out how…..

Famed as one of the first of its kind, Bit.ly is a service that turns long URLs into short URLs, also known as link shortening. It’s also used to track the usage of that shortened URL so you can see your stats and see how many people visited your link. But did you know Bit.ly doesn’t just shorten and track your URLs, it also has a few hidden tricks up it’s sleeves.

Quick and easy keyboard shortcuts

When you’re logged into the Bit.ly website, simply press and hold Shift and then use one of these keystrokes to efficiently use their website.

Navigation shortcuts

First off the lovely staff at Bit.ly have created some great shortcuts for some quick and easy navigation:

/ – Focus search box
K – Previous bitmark
J – Next bitmark
Left Arrow – Previous page
Right Arrow – Next page
Enter – Open bitmark
? – Open help menu


Become a quick-fire Bit.ly book marker with these shortcuts:

A – Add a bitmark
S – Share
I – Information
Shift+I – Expanded information
T – Edit title
N – Add/Edit Noted
P – Public to private
R – Archive
Z – Undo Archive


Bitly custom links

When it comes to tracking multiple links, there’s nothing easier than assigning each bitmark with it’s own custom identifier. All you have to do is edit the end part of the URL. Just make sure you have an account with them and are logged in, otherwise you won’t be given the option.

QR Codes

If you’re looking to attract mobile users offline, then the QR code is great for doing that. Now Bit.ly has a quick and easy way to turn your bitmark into a visual QR code.

All you have to do it is add .qrcode to the end of your bit.ly link in the URL bar (e.g http://bit.ly/1bl2ku9.qrcode) and you’ll have one automatically generated for you, that’s ready to go!

QR codes can be made bigger or smaller. To adjust the size to specific pixel requirements, just add an ‘s’ and an ‘=’ sign followed by the desired pixel size to any QR code’s bit.ly URL.  For example:


or to create a small QR code:


Quick tracking stats

If you’re away from your computer, or simply don’t have time to access your Bit.ly account, all you have to do is add + to the end of your bit.ly URL (e.g bitly.com/1bl2ku9+) and you will get access to some quick and easy stats. Simple!

How do we use Bit.ly?

Here at Digital Visitor, we’re advocates of using Bit.ly links to track our own campaigns, and these shortcuts have helped us cut our own workload down considerably!

So, if you’re looking to see how we can grow your social media marketing presence and improve your overall online tracking strategy, why not contact us today?