Once a week, we blog about social media campaigns that have caught our collective attention – either because of the cause they promote, the creativity involved or the runaway success they have seen… perhaps even a combination of all three!

This week, we’ve chosen Thomas Pink’s #WSAY (Which Shirt Are You?) campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

What’s involved?

Share a photo or a video of yourself in your favourite shirt (or your friends in theirs) and tag it #WSAY.

Every Tuesday, Pink’s cheeky fox mascot will hand out one of three gift cards to weekly winners: first prize = £150, second prize = £50, third prize = £25.

Which Shirt Are You? runs until 22 December 2014 – plenty of time to get your entry in! Visit www.whichshirtareyou.com to see what you’re up against…

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