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Project Overview

The most visited island in the southern Caribbean

The beaches and picture-perfect resorts of Aruba make it the ideal romantic island getaway. Knowing our track record with international destinations, Aruba Tourism Authority asked us to promote the island among 18-30 year olds in the UK. Set the challenge of targeting young people in the noisy world of social media and get them excited about romantic getaways, we had to get creative...

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

Working with Digital Visitor on this campaign was a pleasure. They used all of their knowledge and experience to attract and secure coverage with relevant and highly influential bloggers, the level of coverage gained was fantastic and they also made the whole process incredibly painless for us!

Joanna Walding Country Manager, UK & Ireland, Aruba Tourism Authority

What we did

Our approach

We asked Aruba Tourism Authority for products which fully represented the island destination and its romance. Armed with Aruba Aloe skincare products as incentives, we approached a handful of influencers who were currently planning honeymoons.

This approach offered Aruba Tourism Authority high-impact word of mouth recognition they were after, as well as valuable lasting organic search benefits. To help our bloggers create relevant posts that were also fun and naturally in keeping with the rest of their content, we asked them to use the classically Aruban products as inspiration.

They were given the freedom to write about whatever they liked; where they’d go on their dream honeymoon, romantic getaway packing lists, or top reasons to visit Aruba. We also provided them with lots of information and images of the island to draw inspiration from.

As a result, within just 3 weeks we secured coverage on 8 highly influential beauty and lifestyle blogs, many of which by authors who were currently engaged and planning their own honeymoons. Our Aruba Tourism Authority bloggers have a combined blog following of 9,600 and a combined social following of 74,000, delivering 64,000 unique content views.

The results

Delivering on our word

Drawing upon our experience and connections in the UK blogger scene, we delivered a wide-ranging campaign supported by targeted advertising. This work successfully established Aruba as a destination in the mind of our target demographics. We delivered: