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British Airways i360

Project Overview

Towering results for Brighton’s most iconic attraction

Standing 450 feet above Brighton’s West Beach is the impressive British Airways i360 Viewing Tower. Its 360-degree views across Brighton, the South Downs and, on the clearest days, to Beachy Head in the east and the Isle of Wight in the west, have quickly made it an iconic South Coast landmark.

While the attraction has proved extremely popular with visitors from across the UK, BA i360 saw significant room for growth, including from overseas visitors. They asked Digital Visitor to increase the digital reach of the attraction and grow ticket sales.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

Digital Visitor has produced impactful content to really engage with our key audiences to drive ticket sales and help us achieve our vision of making BA i360 Brighton’s must-see attraction.

Anna Prior Head of Marketing and Trade Sales, British Airways 360

What we did

Our approach

Helping BA i360 reach new heights

On paper our task was simple: to build awareness and attract visitors to the award-winning British Airways i360 in Brighton. Brighton is the 11th most visited city in the UK and BA i360 was keen to tap into the tourist market further and make the attraction a must-see for visitors to the seaside resort.

Looking near and far for visitors

Our demographic analysis showed the primary audience were the 22 million adults living under two hours away. The analysis also showed this audience had a lot of choice when it came to attractions, so for us, hitting them when they were planning their day trip was key to engaging and exciting them to visit.

Many local residents had already visited the BA i360 before, but it was important to encourage them to a return or buy an annual membership. So during the summer holidays, we focused on targeting nearby families.

We also wanted to inspire international tourists staying in London to make the trip to Brighton and witness the incredible views from the giant glass viewing pod.

The audiences we identified are digitally savvy. They use social media for inspiration about what to do and where to go, so we used a multi-channel approach to reach them at the most effective times.

Getting in people’s eye-lines

We created highly engaging social content around two main themes: Brighton’s Best Views and the BA i360 Nyetimber Sky Bar – one of the UK’s most unique. We served high-impact ads through social channels and display to grow reach and engage audiences. And by creating lookalike audiences and retargeting, we generated sales from users who had previously engaged but not bought.

Paid search through Google and Bing was key to converting all audiences. We used both to target based on search intent, allowing us to capture day-trippers in their ‘early-consideration phase’, as well as those in Brighton looking for things to do. The PPC performed excellently throughout the campaign, achieved a very high CVR, and contributed to 85% of ticket sales for the digital advertising campaign.

The results

Delivering on our word

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