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All Nippon Airways

Project Overview

Japan’s largest and only 5-star rated international airline.

On a yearly basis, ANA inspired the travel of over 50 million passengers worldwide. Creating an EMEA footprint befitting its status is a core business objective for ANA, considered integral to its growth internationally. Digital Visitor was welcomed aboard for its experience of managing successful social media marketing campaigns for some of the world’s foremost destinations and travel brands.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

As Japan’s leading international airline, it’s important that the agency handling ANA’s EMEA social media presence is able to keep pace with industry developments. A pleasure to work with, Digital Visitor have certainly delivered on that front, far surpassing all agreed KPIs and providing a foundation for continued success across all of our social media channels.

Nanako Murakami Assistant Manager, All Nippon Airways

What we did

Our approach

Japan is one of the most naturally breathtaking countries anywhere in the world. To match the business ambition of ANA, Digital Visitor set about the launch of a campaign designed to inspire travel to Japan through the use of compelling imagery and the unique experiences readily available to visitors.

At the centre of this approach was the delivery of localised ‘hero’ applications on the Facebook page of each key EMEA marketplace. These drove the growth of ANA’s email database, capturing the opt-in contact details of potential customers specifically interested in travel to Japan.

Incentivised with a trip to Japan, each on-brand ‘hero’ campaign featured a quiz, encouraging users to discover their perfect Japanese itinerary. the success of each was bolstered by the use of captivating imagery; peaceful mountain landscapes and vibrant cherry blossom.

To be truly successful, every campaign mechanic requires a promotional strategy.

For ANA this happened in two ways. Firstly, our creative teams re-evaluated its approach to organic channel management. This has resulted in a greater focus on video creation and interactive animation, content well-known for its ability to drive engagement.

Secondly, our dedicated advertising specialists implemented a targeted revenue advertising campaign across Facebook. Our success here has demonstrated to ANA the ability of social media to drive direct bookings and increased revenue, a key challenge for any business.

The results

Delivering on our word

Our social media marketing campaign for ANA surpassed even our expectations, providing a foundation for the airline’s EMEA growth in 2017 and beyond. Our teams delivered:

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