Visitor Attractions

Royal Museums Greenwich

Project Overview

One of the UK's fastest growing tourist destinations

A top 10 visitor attraction in London, Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) is home to GMT, the Royal Observatory, the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum. Digital Visitor were invited to come on board to help promote the historic attraction to an international audience.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind Words

Digital Visitor came to us as a recommendation and, so far, that endorsement has rung true. We’ve been impressed with their positive attitude, creativity and detailed approach to their work, and have no doubt that they will lead RMG’s social media strategy and, ultimately, brand in the right direction.

Claire Welsby, Digital Product Manager Royal Museums Greenwich

What we did

Our approach

Steeped in history Royal Museums Greenwich wanted to attract an international audience from the USA, ensuring it was a front of mind attraction for anyone planning, or currently on a trip to the UK.

To help define our audience we established the top 10 major US cities where people were researching trips to the UK, having collected this information we were able to serve them targeted advertising.

The second stage of the activity was to retarget US visitors to the RMG website whilst they were still planning their trips, sharing content via PPC, YouTube and Facebook advertising showcasing the different museums, activities and ease of getting to the venues in London.

Finally we wanted to activate US visitors who were already in the capital, using the same channels we drove website traffic via a clear ‘buy now’ call to action leading visitors directly to a page on the RMG website where they could book their tickets.

The activity was further supported by the creation of thirteen short videos to use across the multiple channels.

The results

Delivering on our word

Our campaign for Royal Museums Greenwich surpassed even our expectations, providing a foundation for growth in 2018 and beyond. Our teams delivered:

Digital Visitor is the Digital Partner of The Tourism Business
Digital Visitor is an official google partner in Search and Display Advertising