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UK Perception Change

Project Overview

An island on the up and up

Historically, Jersey has been viewed by UK holidaymakers as a relatively quiet destination packed with beautiful coastline, but best visited by families and older demographics. Targeting 1 million visitors by 2030 (up from 718,000 in 2015), Jersey felt it was time to enact a positive shift in perception surrounding the island among a younger audience. Aware of the strength and depth of our work with UK destinations, they got in touch.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

We created an innovative summer campaign to promote Jersey as a destination, which was designed to help positively alter perception of the island through a personalised ‘Escape to Jersey’ campaign video. We needed the campaign to be seen by the widest possible targeted audience, so we tasked Digital Visitor with amplifying the campaign through multiple social media channels. We were delighted with the range of activity they delivered across numerous channels and they over achieved on every target that we set.

Adam Caerlewy-Smith Head of Marketing, Visit Jersey

What we did

Our approach

Life on Jersey is far more than a stroll with the dogs along a sandy beach. It’s an island full of cultural and gastronomic heritage and experiences, and offers something for visitors across demographics. Therefore, in our campaign we wanted to capture that essence of diversity through image and copy, with a particular focus on user generated content.

The focus of our campaign for Jersey was the forward-thinking ‘Experience Jersey’ social hub. Capable of harvesting valuable user generated content and presenting it in one place – on an attractive microsite in this case – the hub was designed to provide the Jersey campaign with a lasting legacy. Fully moderated, the hub enabled Jersey to position the most eye-catching images – collected via 4 hashtags – at the top, encouraging visitors to share their experiences and the very best the island has to offer.

To drive the largest targeted audience possible to the campaign site, we ran a series of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube ads designed to increase interest in Jersey among its target demographics. To ensure results that aligned precisely with our core objectives for the project, our advertising covered a wide range of what Jersey has to offer younger generations, from art and culture to leading gastronomy.

In support of our campaign objectives, our PR team secured 32 pieces of high value coverage across influential travel, lifestyle and food blogs. This exposure was essential to enacting a shift in the perception of Jersey among highly engaged audiences.

Factoring into our work with sector influencers we secured sponsorship of one of the most influential Twitter chats; #AdvTravelChat. Using the theme ‘Weekend Escapes from the City’, we asked a series of 10 questions designed to pique interest in travel to Jersey. Backed by a compelling holiday competition, our Twitter chat received over 9 million impressions, reached in the order of 800,000 individuals and generated a further 3 blog posts from influential travel bloggers.

The results

Delivering on our word

Combined, our social media content, in addition to extensive coverage on influential blogs, groups, forums and Twitter contributed to a positive shift in the perception of Jersey, as measured through Brand Watch. Ultimately, our contribution to the overarching ‘Escape to Jersey’ campaign has laid the foundations for Jersey to become a ‘buzz’ destination and hit its 2030 visitor goal of 1 million.

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