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Targeted Lead Generation

Project Overview

Award-winning small ship cruising

The cruise industry relies, to a certain extent, on traditional marketing and sales tactics. Brochures - physical and digital - for instance, still play an integral role in the success of even the biggest cruise lines. And it is a situation no different for Voyages to Antiquity (VTA).

Unsurprisingly, this approach to marketing presents VTA with a unique set of challenges every year. The team at Digital Visitor was welcomed aboard to bring its lead generation into the 21st Century, while whipping up as much interest as possible around the launch of VTA’s 2017 brochure.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

One of my key strategies for this year was new customer acquisition and I was impressed by the number and sheer quality of the qualified emails captured by Digital Visitor’s campaigns. Above all, Digital Visitor’s unique approach to delivering highly personalised email content was first-rate, and resulted in superb click through rates and conversions. I enjoy working with the team, and look forwards to the success I hope their activities continue to bring.

Jos Dewing Managing Director, Voyages to Antiquity

What we did

Our approach

The main draw of any cruise line, quite understandably, are its destinations. 2017 was the year of the no-fly cruise for VTA, with much of its brochure focused on cruises around the British Isles and places easily reached from a UK base.

Mindful of this, we wanted the ‘hero’ campaign to thrive on the back of compelling imagery from VTA’s very best itineraries. This approach was reflected in our fully-responsive and interactive daily changing application, built to sit within VTA’s Facebook page.

Entrants were then prompted to enter their name and email address, a process incentivised by the chance to win one of VTA’s new cruises. Finally, once entered, respondents were given more information about that specific port destination, designed to educate, interest and further engage VTA’s audience.

To drive the success of VTA’s daily changing application, our social media advertising team crafted a series of compelling Facebook conversion ads. This social media advertising was carefully optimised to maximise interest in our campaign among VTA’s target demographic of holidaymakers interested in no-fly cruise.

The results

Delivering on our word

Fundamentally, our end-to-end social media campaign for Voyages to Antiquity delivered long lasting value, generating a significant number of qualified leads and driving ongoing awareness of the launch of its 2017 brochure launch.

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