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Project Overview

Socks or Screams?

Adventure experiences have become mainstream. People of all ages, from young adrenaline junkies to family fun seekers, are looking for more adventurous activities in their leisure time. Another big trend in recent years is the increase of 'experience gifting' - choosing to buy experiences for loved ones over more traditional, material gifts, which are often not wanted and go unused.

With these trends in mind, Zip World knew that there was a huge opportunity to really maximise gift voucher sales by offering exactly what the market was looking for.

December 2017 had been hugely successful for Zip World gifting and, as you would expect, was by far the best month for voucher sales. The challenge which was laid down to Digital Visitor was to improve on this already strong performance.

Solving the riddle

Our core objectives

Kind words

As you would expect December was by far our biggest month for gifting in 2017, and we headed into December 2018 with big targets. Digital Visitor took control of all the digital advertising for voucher sales and not only did they deliver an extremely effective digital advertising campaign, in addition they also developed a range of creative social media content which really helped to drive sales. All in all we finished nearly 25% up on sales for this critical month

Andrew Hudson Sales and Marketing Director, ZipWorld UK

What we did

Our approach

Our campaign concept centred around one key message – ‘Give the gift of adventure’. Standing out during the Christmas period saturated with gift messaging from all retailers required a strong content strategy. We delivered this through relatable themes that tapped into typical Christmas gift themes, such as poorly thought-out presents.

Using a mixture of Zip World’s adventure footage and animation, our in-house design team created 6 pieces of eye-catching hero social content. These were distributed alongside high-impact messaging via Facebook and Instagram over November and December, generating huge amounts of engagement.

Ads were targeted to key segments, based on interest, demographic and geographical location.

• Nationwide thrill seekers with an interest in adventure activities
• Nationwide parents with children 3+
• Families within 2 hours of Bangor

These social media and Paid Search campaigns ran between late November and Christmas 2018 to promote Zip World gift vouchers as the perfect, thoughtful Christmas gift (and far more exciting than a pair of socks or another scented candle!).

The results

Delivering on our word

Our campaign delivered:

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