It feels as though summer is only just beginning, but as you know thoughts of Christmas campaigns come early in the world of marketing.

The most important shopping period of the year – as much as 30-40% of your annual income could come over the festive period – it’s important to get those campaign wheels in motion as early as possible to ensure maximum ROI.

They key here is to build an audience who’s engaged with and receptive to your brand just ahead of the busiest shopping periods at the beginning of December.

In fact, a survey conducted by Experian in 2013 found that 18% of businesses putting plans together as early as June. And that number rises to 69% by August. If you want to get your promotions off to a flying start this Christmas, you can’t start soon enough.

Always tuned into what’s going to deliver for our clients, our team of digital marketing aficionados has come up with 3 creative social media campaigns, designed to gift-wrap a very merry Christmas 2015 for your brand.

Gift Selector

Christmas is all about gift giving and this product selector does a great job of leveraging festive cheer to showcase your product range and encourage sharing across social channels.

1 - Male or Female

How it works…

Full of promotional imagery and gift ideas, this eye-catching campaign can be delivered via your Facebook page, through your own website, or even as a standalone project.

Using the gift selector, fans of your page are posed a series of questions about the preferences of the friend they’d most like to send a gift to.

Based on those answers, the selector suggests the ideal gift for the chosen person and prompts the user to submit their email address for a chance to win.

To maximise exposure, entrants are then encouraged to share the promotion with friends on Facebook, with an additional entry on offer for every friend who successfully joins in with the campaign.

Not only does this campaign promote sharing and social media exposure, it drives traffic to your site via ‘shop now’ buttons directing to your other collections.

You’ll love it because…

Christmas Wish-List

If the aim of your campaign in the run up to Christmas is to encourage current and prospective customers to discover your entire product range and drive high volumes of traffic to your website, a wishlist style campaign will do just that.

2 - Christmas Wishlist

How it works

This simple but engaging mechanic encourages customers on your website, or fans of your Facebook page to explore your range of gifts and other items.

As they discover what your brand has to offer, users are prompted to add their favourite items to a personalised wishlist.

The wishlist itself suggests potential related items; these can either be added to the wishlist or viewed and purchased in the online shop. To encourage interaction, site visitors are given the chance to win their chosen wishlist by entering some simple information.

Finally, entrants are prompted to share their wishlist with friends as a way of maximising exposure, driving further traffic and engagement with the app.

You’ll love it because…

Pin Your Win

Pinterest has been found to generate considerably more first touch revenue per click than both Twitter and Facebook. Leverage the potential of social platform cross promotion by driving highly-engaged traffic to your site via this ‘pin your win’ campaign.

3 - Pin to Win it

How it works

Installed in Facebook, this immersive competition app gives fans a chance to browse your entire range, with links to the product page of each item.

In a similar way to the wishlist, entrants are encouraged to pin their favourite item on

Pinterest for a chance to win that item.

Pinned items automatically link back to the product page of the featured item, unlocking the maximum traffic potential of repins, likes and other social sharing.

Once an item has been pinned, entrants are then prompted to enter a few simple details with the chance of winning a voucher or larger prize over the Christmas period.

You’ll love it because…


There we have it. That rounds off our 3 favourite digital campaign ideas, designed to drive a highly-engaged audience to your brand over the festive period and beyond.

To find out how you can make the most of your social media activities this Christmas season, please call us today on 01179 111 420, or email