Our application requires 2 main items to function, whichever integration model you will follow:

1) API Key –  this is unique to your organisation and will be required from your Account Manager.

2) Relation –  This is essentially ‘what’ the post will be about, what the application anchors to. There is no restrictions on what can be used for this and this can be defined as either; names, numbers, product Id’s, etc.  (Ideally no spaces or characters.)


Simplest integration

Simply add the code below with your API key to the appropriate layout element (for example a <DIV>)

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key   : ‘###Your Unique API KEY ###’
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.digitalvisitorapps.com/api/_bf.php” defer=”defer”></script>

***If the application is added in this way the ‘Relation’ is dynamically captured from your site by using the Page Title of the page where the application appears. This integration is therefore not possible if each of your product page have the same page title.

Simple integration

Option 1) Simply add the code below with your API key and a defined relation to the appropriate <div> where you want the application to appear

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var DVapp = {
api_key   : ‘###Your Unique API KEY ###’,
relation   : ‘###YOUR UNIQUE PRODUCT REF###’
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.digitalvisitorapps.com/api/_bf.php” defer=”defer”></script>

Option 2)
Simply add the code below with your API key to the <head> of the page where you want the application to appear

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key   : ‘###Your Unique API KEY ###’,
relation   : ‘###YOUR UNIQUE PRODUCT REF###’,
target   : ‘###ID OF THE PLACEHOLDER###’
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.digitalvisitorapps.com/api/_bf.php” defer=”defer”></script>

*** If you use this integration your need to ensure a ‘Target’ is defined. There are 2 items that need to be defined by you on each page where our application will sit.

Target: This defines ‘where’ the app will sit on your page. Our application will append and re-size itself based on the target ID defined. By target ID we mean a page element with a unique ID. Ideally this ID will have no spaces or odd characters.


Integration on dynamically produced page

Our Review application uses a setting called ‘relation’ to tie your reviews to a particular product or service that you designate. This needs to be a unique identifier for said product or service.

If you are installing our application on a dynamically produced page (for example, a template page for product details), then you will need to specify this ‘relation’ each time the page is loaded with new detail.

In most cases, there will be a unique ID passed along with the URL for the product page (example, https://yourdomain.com/product.html?prodID=1234), to instruct the template to load the correct product details. This is commonly called a URL variable, and the URL itself can contain any number of them.

We can use the prodID URL variable in the example above as your ‘relation’ by extracting it from the URL and incorporating it into our application setup code.

In PHP (using short tags):

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key : ’87ewrbtc8t98tnx8r9t74cbt89encbu’,
relation : ‘<?= $_REQUEST[“prodID”]?>’

In classic ASP:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key : ’87ewrbtc8t98tnx8r9t74cbt89encbu’,
relation : ‘<% response.write(Request.QueryString(“prodID”)) %>’


 What else can you do?


Customisation of your applications

There are a number of items within your application which you can control and change.  These include:

Text used on tabs and buttons 

Default text is Reviews and Social Questions but this text can be changed by:

reviewTabTxt : ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

reviewButtonTxt : ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

discussTabTxt : ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

discussButtonTxt : ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

noReviewsTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

noQuestionsTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

reviewBoxTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

titleBoxTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

questionButtonTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

questionBoxTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

replyButtonTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

replyBoxTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

feedsTabTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

watchTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’

categoriesBoxTxt: ‘##ENTER TEXT##’


Star colour and size

The default size and colour is Large, Orange.  To change this, simply add the code below into the application set-up section.

starSize  : ‘size’

starColor : ‘colour’

** Star colour choices are red, blue, darkblue, green, darkgreen, yellow, violet, orange, pink, brown, black, white, silver, and gold

** Star Size choices are small, medium, large


Set number of Reviews per page

You can set the number of Reviews to appear per page by simply adding the code below.  The default is set to 5.  Changing this number will change the number of posts that will appear before pagination is activated.

displayQty: 5 


Set which Social Share you want to appear first

You can set the default provider users will see in the share window upon submission of a post.  Facebook is default, so to change this please use the code below.

defaultShare: ‘linkedin’ ‘google’ ‘yahoo’


Floating dashboard

The dashboard by default will be fixed in place at the top of the application.  If however, you would like the dashboard to float down the page as a user scrolls posts, then simply add the variable below.  This feature is useful to encourage users to share their own content as they will always have the ‘Post’ call to action visible.

scrollControl: true


Other parameters:

no_media_prompt:               true
forceReviewCats:                   ‘1,2,3,4,5, etc’
disableDisscussionReply:   true
customURL:                             ‘http://etc…’
hide_reviews:                          true
hide_discussions:                  true
hide_feeds:                               true
start_tab:                                  reviews/discussions
disableMediaCycle:              true
avatar:                                       http://etc…jpg


Example integration code with customisation

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key   : ‘a449595djrkt60906070rf0444’,
relation   : ‘Product1’,
scrollControl   : ‘true’,
reviewTabTxt   : ‘Share Your Review’,
reviewButtonTxt   : ‘I want to Post a Review’,
discussTabTxt   : ‘Our Discussions’,
discussButtonTxt   : ‘I want to Start a Discussion’,
starSize   : ‘medium’,
starColor   : ‘green’
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.digitalvisitorapps.com/api/_bf.php” defer=”defer”></script>

*** TIP: Ensure there are ‘ ‘ around the specified item and a comma at the end of each variable (except the last one in the list) ***


Styling the application (CSS)

Within your admin section under ‘CLIENT DETAILS’ we provide you the CSS file to change the colours and styling of your application.  Any changes saved here will be reflected in your application.  If you do not have the development resources to make CSS changes Digital Visitor can facilitate this for you.


Separating the Reviews & Discussions applications

As standard you can either have Social Reviews or Social Questions as separate applications depending on your needs.  If you only have one of these applications enabled then please ignore this section.

If however you have both the Social Reviews or Social Questions enabled then by default these will appear side by side in tab format where the application is integrated.

If you want to only display one of these tabs on a given page, then this is achieved in the following way:

To hide the Reviews and only have Discussions add:

hide_reviews : ‘true’


To hide Discussions and only have Reviews add:

hide_discussions : ‘true’


Example Code:  Hiding the Discussions application  

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var DVapp = {
api_key   : ‘a449595djrkt60906070rf0444’,
relation   : ‘Product1’,
hide_discussions   : ‘true’,
starSize   : ‘large’,
starColor   : ‘pink’
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://www.digitalvisitorapps.com/api/_bf.php” defer=”defer”></script>




We can deliver your content directly to any page in HTML, XML or JSON format and ensure your reviews are indexing against your products.  There are numerous approaches we can take with this depending on your requirements.

Please contact your account manager for the appropriate code and method for your application

Any questions or issues, please see our FAQs.