Mitchell Phoenix

Leadership and management training company, Mitchell Phoenix has recently integrated our award-winning technology into their website.

The technology will enable Mitchell Phoenix to gather valuable feedback from their customers about the leadership and management training programs they offer – directly on relevant pages on their site

Mitchell Phoenix websiteNumerous studies have proven that user generated content such as reviews, ratings, photos and videos have a significant influence on purchasing behaviour – with one study stating that 70% of people look at reviews to get real insight before taking the next step to conversion.

Potential customers will also be able to subscribe to receive information on a particular course they are interested in knowing more about using the ‘Watch’ feature. Any user generated content uploaded on the course the user is ‘watching’ will automatically be sent to them, increasing their brand trust while also driving repeat visits.

A key feature of Digital Visitor’s technology is that it includes advanced sharing tools to enable both the client and the reviewer to quickly and easily distribute uploaded content to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

The solution also features a Content Gathering tool to enable the client to proactively capture customer content by regularly sending out email communications asking for feedback.

Sean Lapham, Project Director at Mitchell Phoenix commented;

“At Mitchell Phoenix our whole approach is driven by feedback. Our courses are structured a day a month, so managers can hear a day of input, and then have a month to put the management ideas into practice in the workplace. When they come back to the next seminar, each manager makes a short presentation about how they used the management tools in the preceding month, and what results they created. Over the last 25 years we have heard over 2000 hours of feedback about what works for managers and what doesn’t.

With this constant search for feedback and improvement in our DNA, integrating Digital Visitor’s Social Commerce Solutions on our site was a logical step for us. This gives us yet another opportunity to gather feedback, and it will also provide potential customers with the real, genuine customer reviews they might want to see before booking with us.”

Anthony Rawlins, CEO and Founder of Digital Visitor said;

“While traditionally our client base has been dominated by those in the travel and tourism sector – we have always identified that our technology would benefit businesses across many different industries. Why? Because customer/delegate testimonals have been proven to increase conversions and drive more traffic – so our technology can bring huge benefits to any business”.

Mitchell Phoenix is an international training organisation providing leadership and management training programs for business executives from the boardroom to the first line.  For more information, visit

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