Digital Visitor social media agency has recently been honoured by winning the ‘Innovation in Travel’ award at the coveted Globe Travel Awards 2012.

Shortlisted against some of the best travel companies in the world – Virgin Atlantic, Kuoni and TripAdvisor – this leading UK social media agency triumphed in what was truly a David vs. Goliath contest.

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Widely regarded as the pinnacle of the travel industry calendar, the glamorous ceremony was held at Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 25th January 2012 with the cream of the British Travel Industry in attendance.


The ‘Innovation in Travel’ award was one of two special recognition awards in the Globes award programme.

This award recognises a company that has launched an innovation or development which has had a clear impact in the travel industry, helping a company to solve a problem, stand out from competitors or meet the needs of its target customers.

After careful deliberation, Digital Visitor was chosen as the ‘Innovation in Travel’ award winner for the following reasons;

Anthony Rawlins, CEO and Founder of Digital Visitor, said nothing at first, due to the shock of the win, but later commented;

“In all honesty, against such excellent companies, we didn’t think we would win this one. TripAdvisor was applauded for their application that had 10million downloads recently and so we couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the result! It’s nice to have such recognition for what we are trying to achieve”.

He continued;

“We have always prided ourselves on making our technology and expertise accessible to travel organisations of all sizes, and with this year looking to be a difficult one in travel, it is our commitment, that no matter what size the organisation; whether you have 400 bookings/passengers per annum or 40,000 per month, we can drive your social media marketing using our applications and services to show real returns.

Our approach to social media is unique, using our own award-winning technology to reduce the investment, effort and resources needed to be successful in social media. We combine this with clever planning, strategic direction and effective implementation to make our clients budgets go much further, and the benefits visible for years, not just months.

This award follows a string of other recent successes for us and this industry recognition is really a fantastic testament to the on-going commitment of my brilliant team.

It’s going to be a big year for Digital Visitor and I guarantee you will be hearing much more from us…Watch this space!”.

Digital Visitor have also recently won ‘Best Online Application’ at the Travolution Awards in November 2011.

Recognition from both these prestigious industry award programmes highlights the significant impact that Digital Visitors social media applications, campaigns and strategies are having on the travel industry, and firmly positions them as one of the leading online marketing agencies for travel companies around the world today.

Travel Weekly Group chairman, Clive Jacobs said;

“Globe winners can truly claim to be the best in the industry, and tonight we have honoured some outstanding companies and individuals”.

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