Sometimes, something will pop up in our newsfeed on Facebook and make us feel like that little kid above.

It might be a snapshot of the most beautiful place in the world that gets our heads sailing away to somewhere tropical while we’re stuck in the winter weather. Maybe it’s a hilarious video that makes you realize your whole office is staring at you while you’re laughing uncontrollably at your desk with head phones in, or it could be something so new and unlike anything you’ve seen before that it excites your socks off because it’s just that cool.

Effective social media campaigns have the potential for results like these:

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Effective social media campaigns yield not only a substantial reach to a specific audience, but they achieve concrete objectives be it data capture, referral traffic, or something a bit harder to measure, but an invaluable result of social media marketing nonetheless – engagement.

For companies speculating how best to invest their social media marketing budget, there is a clear option which will ensure that your social media campaigns are not only making your audience feel like the little kid in the picture, but will see that you are achieving your business’ objectives through your spend. The simple solution – content your audience want to engage with.

Social media campaigns can take shape however you envision them, and through the use of application technologies virtually anything is possible.

Custom Applications

For companies looking to create a truly unique experience for users, completely custom solutions are available. Though the additional time and costs associated with development may be a bit greater, custom applications bring to life riveting campaigns with an additional wow-factor that resonates with users. With free-reign over the look, feel, and functionality of these apps, companies can infuse their branding into social spaces and stand out from competitors. The results of custom campaigns – brand awareness, high quality engagement, enhanced opportunities for virality, data capture, and of course, growth of relevant audiences who are likely to remember how much they loved interacting with your social media app.

Through purpose built micro-sites like what was built for IHG Rewards Club #IHGSelfie campaign, or what we’ve done for Molton Brown’s holiday campaign, companies are able to integrate their campaigns across multiple channels. Custom applications are unique innovations which give users something exciting to interact with that they’ve never seen before.

Bespoke 3rd Party Software

Alternatively, companies can achieve similar results with bespoke applications built upon existing, third-party applications, but tailored to fit your vision and needs. From quizzes, to treasure hunts, to photo competitions and daily horoscopes, there are a myriad of options for existing Facebook applications to choose from.

It doesn’t end there, however – add a touch of development, dazzling designs, and whatever else your business requires to ensure your social media campaign is delivering the results you need, and your off-the-shelf application will be put forth as a one-of-a-kind campaign.

Take a look at how we’ve tailored a standard quiz application for Ellis Brigham’s campaign. With clear objectives, these less expensive solutions can deliver incredible results.

At Digital Visitor, our work with clients has seen communities grow 14k with the use of simple quiz applications. For other clients, we have delivered upwards of 1.8k e-mails, 4.8k likes, and increased engagement of over 2000%.