As an award winning digital agency specialising in Facebook campaigns for the travel and tourism industry, Digital Visitor has created two social apps for the golfing breaks industry specifically – and now’s the time to use them.

Ahead of golfing’s peak season, you can use our Golfing Quiz App or Golfing Map App to:

1. The Golfing Quiz App

GOLF QUIZ APPThis is a fun and interactive Facebook promotion that asks users to complete a quiz to find out which golfing holiday is right for them.

Users are directed to a competition tab on your Facebook page with fans then being asked a series of questions to pick their perfect golf break. For example:

Once users have completed the quick quiz, they’ll be asked to fill in their details to be entered. Post-entry, users are taken to a page thanking them for their entry and revealing the result of the quiz, prompting them to visit your website and share the competition to their newsfeed.

Key Benefits:

2. The Golfing Map App

A fun and interactive Facebook app that asks users to explore your golf break locations by answering questions about them to be in with a chance of winning prizes! On a competition tab on your Facebook page, your fans will be presented with an interactive map and asked to explore it to answer each question. Users click on a highlighted golf ball icon that will either link to your website where the answer can be found or a pop up can appear containing an image, text and links. Once the answer has been found, the user will enter it into a data capture form along with their details and submit. Post-entry, the user will be taken to a thanks page prompting them to share the campaign and visit your website.

Golf Map AppKey Benefits

Outreach & PR Activities

Designing and building campaign applications is one thing, getting your campaigns seen and making them successful is another, so to ensure your campaign is a success, we implement a variety of promotional and outreach activities. Digital Visitor has great experience of working with influencers and has a network of over 3,000 bloggers and influencers that we work with. We also use our contacts and experience to pitch your campaign to other influential bloggers, writers and relevant third party communities.