Work on your Facebook affinity score

If you thought that gaining an audience for your company’s Facebook page was enough, you might be surprised to discover that only as many as 1 in 6 fans – if that – see your updates. Why? It all comes down to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm, previously known as EdgeRank… and recent adjustments to it mean your updates will be reaching fewer fans than ever. Fortunately, there is a way to turn this trend around, by improving your Facebook affinity score – so here’s how it’s done.

Facebook ‘affinity’ explained

Your Facebook affinity score is used in Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm to determine how high (or low) your page’s updates appear in a fan’s newsfeed, based on the strength of the relationship between each hard earned fan and what happens on your company’s Facebook page.

What this means is that you’ll have an affinity score for each and every fan, depending on your interactions with them. Those that are engaged with what you’re doing will be interacting with posts, ‘liking’ them and adding comments – the more valuable of the two is a comment, on the basis that it’s that much more involved than a ‘like’, which is achieved with a simple click.

Company posts that attract engagement such as this will rise to prominence in fans’ newsfeeds, boosting your visibility, which is especially important when some fans like a lot of pages as there’s lots of posts to compete with, including updates from their friends.

All change

In spring 2012, Facebook revealed that the updates on most company pages were seen by no more than 1 in 6 fans on average. However, at the end of 2013, changes made to its Newsfeed algorithm appear to have reduced this reach even further (to as little as 1% or 2% recent reports are suggesting). Some have said it is an attempt to drive more companies towards taking up paid for advertising options. But the main point to bear in mind is that not enough was being done by companies to engage their hard earned audience in the first place.

Increase your reach

So if you want to ensure more posts are reaching their intended audience  – and who doesn’t? – what steps should you take? The key here is to work on increasing the amount of engagement your updates attract, by appealing to what your fans really want to see, ultimately driving them to your products and services.

Give your Facebook visibility a boost – 9 top tips

1. Schedule your posts to appear when your fans are most active on Facebook, there’s various software available to help pinpoint the optimum moment

2. Look for trends amongst your most popular posts, so you can reproduce what works by sharing similar content in future

3. Visual content is king – pictures (as opposed to simple status updates, links and vids) have been shown to increase engagement by as much as 120%, so definitely worth doing

4. Ask questions, get feedback – and make it easy! Anything that requires a simple one word answer is most likely to get a response

5. Sharing discounts and promotions will give people a reason to ‘like’ your page in the first place and then stay engaged with it

6. Exclusive content shows you value loyal fans, which is obviously important, so give them the attention they deserve

7. Keep your updates topical and ensure they arrive on a regular basis. Older, less relevant content will appear lower down the newsfeed – not what you want at all

8. Run a Facebook competition (but don’t forget to read our blog on the do’s and don’ts of Facebook competitions beforehand)

9. Posts of 80 characters or less are the most engaging, so remember to keep it brief and to the point!

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