telling-secrets-pop-art-25371263Are people ‘talking about’ your Facebook Business Page?

One of the most exciting things about social media marketing for businesses is the ability to achieve word of mouth at scale.

Hearing from friends and family carries a lot more weight than hearing from a brand – and on Facebook specifically, interactions such as ‘likes’, posts and comments can spread content around the social world incredibly fast.

In order to help brands track such engagement on their Page and measure this ‘word of mouth at scale’, Facebook introduced a ‘People Talking About This’ (PTAT) metric in 2011 – and today, it’s become one of the most important tools for marketers to understand how their page is performing.

In this article, we explain why PTAT is important, how it works, and we share some top tips on how you can improve your score.  

Why it’s important?

PTAT is great way to understand what content resonates with your audience – so you can create more of it!

Use PTAT to see which posts have generated the highest engagement rates and determine the type of content – photos, polls, videos – which performs best among your fans.  

How does it work?

PTAT DV PagePTAT measures all of the individual Facebook users who have engaged with a Page’s content and created a “story” in their News Feed and their friends News Feeds in the past 7 days.

So basically, whenever your Page visitor does one of the things below, a story is created about your Page and your PTAT is increased.  These stories can be any of the following:

For example, if Jane Doe visits your Facebook Page and decides to “Like” it, her action will be appear in her friends’ feeds (driving word of mouth at scale) and this action will become part of your Page’s PTAT score.  

How can you improve your score?

Tip 1: Engage fans consistently
Remember – the metric tracks unique stories over a 7 day period, so it’s important to engage fans consistently to keep your number up.

If a fan ‘Likes’ your Page and leaves a comment on the same day, it will only add one point to your PTAT – but another point is added if that fan comes back and creates a new story after 7 days – so being consistent is key.

Social Exp Rest DemoUnderstanding this, we have recently developed a new Facebook App that does just that – engage your fans regularly. Our App, called Social Experiences  is an ongoing customer engagement tool that helps businesses to grow their likes and elevate their ‘talking about’ score through user generated content.

It simply plugs into your Facebook Page within minutes and then we contact your customers and get them to upload their experiences, share this on their social profiles and Like your business.

Get in touch now to find out more about our App.

Tip 2: Post photos
Facebook users LOVE photos. Regardless of your industry, posts with large, inspiring photos will drive up your PTAT. Fact!  

Tip 3: KISS ‘keep it short and simple’
Create content that is short and to the point, contains a strong call-to-action and is consistently of high quality.  

Tip 4:  Lead by example
If you want your community to engage with your content, then you need to do the same with your fans’ content – respond to their comments, Like the photos they post on your page and thank them for their participation to show them you appreciate their contributions.

Tip 5: Measure
See which posts are getting the best response and create more of it to further drive engagement. Don’t forget you can also use the demographic data available on Facebook Insights to understand when is the optimum time for you to post ie when your audience is awake, online and most active.

If you are consistently engaging your audience and measuring your PTAT numbers regularly, you will see positive results.

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