Here are some common questions clients sometimes have:

Q: When I post a review, it shows on all my product pages
A: If a review posted on a page gets displayed on every page where you have the application, this could be because you didn’t correctly implement the ‘relation’.

If you are not specifying any relation in your integration code, the application will be using your page titles. In this case please verify that all your page titles are different.

If you are specifying a relation in your integration code, please make sure that the relation is different for each page.


Q: Can I display a message (eg: ‘Be the first to review this product’) in the stars rating widget when no review has been added yet?
A: You can add some default text by including &deftext= with your required text. This will show if there are no reviews.

IMPORTANT: The text will have to be encoded. In PHP it should be urlencode(“Your text”), in Javascript it should be encodeURIComponent(“Your text”). Other languages will have their own methods.


Q: I would like to have the Questions tab displayed by default rather than the Reviews one, can you help?
A: To achieve this, you simply have to add a setup code switch in your code…
start_tab: ‘questions’


Q: I don’t want to use categories for reviews
A: By default, when a review is posted the reviewer will be required to assign their post to one or more categories by selecting them from a list. These categories can be exclusively defined by you through the admin section, or your users can have the ability to create their own when they post a review.

If you don’t want to use categories, just let us know and we will disable this for you.


Q: I don’t want users to be prompted to post pictures/video
A: You can disable the media prompt by following the example below and adding no_media_prompt into your integration code

var DVapp = {
api_key : ’87w6erbc329ry7t9br543t58nxh4938t63bcv94′,
no_media_prompt: true

If you would like to fully hide the media upload elements, you can add the following code:

_bf_review_media_holder {
display: none !important;

Q: How can I get SEO benefits out of the application?
A: We have different options for your business to get SEO benefits from the reviews. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more.


Q: I integrated the SEO php file but I still can’t see any result in search engines
A: If you have implemented this file recently, then it could be that with the billions of web pages out there, some Search Engines can take a couple of days and other a few weeks to a few months when it comes to ‘crawling’ your website. So when a customer posts a review, the post immediately goes live but that doesn’t mean that the search engines find and index it the moment it’s published.


Q: Could my customers post reviews anonymously?
A: Yes. The global preference when it comes to reviews is to display the identity of the reviewer. This is to help guarantee the integrity of reviews. However we understand that for some specific businesses, anonymous reviews might be necessary and this is why we have made it possible for people to post anonymously or by just using their initials. Please contact us if you require this feature.


Q: Can I change the Pro-Active Content Gathering email template?
A: Yes. If you would like us to build a PACG template tailored for your company, please contact your account manager.


Q: I would like to simply add your Pro-Active Content Gathering link in my email template to my clients. Is it possible?
A: Yes. You can simply utilise our Pro-Active Content gathering application by using the URL below. This URL can be added to an email distribution and made unique per person by simply adding the appropriate fields where required.

Please ensure that there are NO spaces and that all fields are filled.

Example PACG Link:


Q: How can I add an administrator to the application?
A: If the user that needs to become an administrator already has a user account, you can change his role through the users section in the admin tool. Search for the user and change the ‘level’ to site administrator. Don’t forget to update the profile in order to save your change.

If your new administrator has no account at all, you first will have to create a new user in the users section.

Contact us for more precise examples and a full explanation if required.