It’s that time of the year again for fashion houses & retailers. Future trends have been forecast, patterns designed, fabrics ordered and accessories are in production – your new collection is ready for Autumn Winter 15.

With a finger on the pulse of what’s delivering results in social, we’ve gone to our digital team to get some ideas, hot from the social media cutting room floor. Effective, creative and deliverable – these three approaches to retail social media cover some essentials you’ll need to promote your brand next season and beyond.

Look Book AW15

A stylish and engaging multiple choice product selector that can showcase your autumn winter range or the heritage of your brand in the context of your new look books.

Autumn Winter Fashion Social Media

How it works

This creative campaign is hosted on your Facebook page, within your website and/or as a standalone project microsite. Our ‘mobile first’ approach ensures your campaign is perfectly optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Why you’ll love it:

 The Daily Shopper

An informative and engaging Facebook or microsite promotion that helps current and prospective customers discover your new range through the quality details, styling and fabrics on key items from your collection, whilst driving high volumes of traffic to your site.

Autumn Winter Fashion Social Media Campaign

How it works

This immersive and effective daily play promotion can be hosted on Facebook, within your website and/ or a standalone project microsite.

Why you’ll love it

Shop Now Social Brand Hub

An interactive brand hub that enables you to create value from your customer’s great user generated content and manage and amplify key content from target market influencers.

Fashion social campaign mini site 2015

How it works

Why you’ll love it


So, there you have it – 3 of our top ideas for AW 15. As social media is becoming more transparent in relation to sales, these ideas capitalise on our focus of showing direct sales and returns for our clients from their digital and social media activities.

To find out more how we make your social media activities successful this season, please call us on 01179111 420 or email