Having completed both Step 1 and Step 2 of Digital Visitor’s Guide to Google Plus, you’ll have a G+ profile and various circles filled with people you’re following because they post interesting content. Now you’re ready to progress on to Step 3 – Interacting with Others.

This is your opportunity to draw attention to who you are and what you’re doing on Google Plus. The number of views that your profile attracts and the number of people following you will only increase the more active you are on this platform. In terms of activity, the two most common forms are:

The Power of the Plus 1

Showing that you like something you’ve seen in your Google Plus feed is exceptionally quick and easy to do, just as on Facebook. You can +1 a post or +1 a comment (or both). When you do this, the person whose post or comment you’ve +1’d gets a notification, flagging up your profile – effectively inviting them to interact with you if they wish.

Plus 1

When you +1 a post or a comment, the author of it may be interested to view your profile, which might in turn persuade them to +1 one of your own posts. The more you interact with the posts on someone else’s profile, the more your profile will be brought to their attention. If you engage with them regularly, they may also add you to their circles.


It might take a little longer, but putting in the extra effort to engage with others by adding a comment makes them more likely to comment on one of your own posts. Whenever you comment on a post, use +[name] to acknowledge the author and attract more attention. For example, ‘Great post +Anthony Rawlins, thanks for sharing!’ is more effective than ‘Great post, thanks for sharing!’

New comment

Bear in mind as well that the more meaningful the comment, the better, so try to avoid short generic comments like ‘this is great’ or ‘awesome’. If you provide more specific and thoughtful feedback, you can probably expect to get a reply and possibly even a new follower in return.

Having demonstrated that you regularly interact with other users, you’ll have become what is known as an ‘active engager’. In the next part of our five part Guide to Google Plus, we’ll help you to identify other active engagers and how to make the most of them. Step 4 is Identify Active Engagers