Following on from Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3 of our Guide to Google Plus comes Step 4: Identifying Active Engagers and Circle Curators.

Step 3 was all about the importance of engaging with other G+ users, which should mean that some people have started to include you in their shared circles.

In this latest installment, we’re going to explain how to go about getting included in more of the shared circles that can really increase your follower count.

Circle Count is a great website, which allows you to find out all sorts of information relating to your Google Plus account (including your national and global ranking) and by simply entering the username that corresponds to your G+ profile you can use Circle Count to find out who has included you in their shared circles – and more importantly, it’s potential to boost your own following.

Circle Count

Users with lots of followers who share a circle with you in it and attract lots of +1s, comments and reshares can be very effective in increasing your popularity on this social network. You can also use Circle Count to find people who create circles that get shared and +d a lot.

What next?

Visit their profile, +1 their content, comment, engage with them. Set aside 15 minutes each week to do this for 5 to 10 of your top circle curators. They are likely then to include you in their circle shares, which will begin to sky rocket your following.

Being included in circles is key to growing your G+ following and you will get included in circles if you engage and interact with the people who make these circles! When you are included in a circle, ensure you +1 the circle, thank the author in a comment below the circle and consider sharing it on your own stream as well.

Sharing Circles

DV circle shareTo show the circle maker how much you value their inclusion of you in their circles, it’s good practise to share their circle on your own G+ stream. By doing this, you are showing them that you value their circle, and they will know that you have shared this. Ensure you share on your stream directly from their own post, and include +[name] as well as providing a comment with the post and commentary for your own followers.