Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a social media agency…? It’s been almost a month since we moved into our offices in central Bristol, so now’s your chance to take a look ‘through the keyhole’ and see how we measure up against Facebook, Google and Twitter with their hammock chairs and work/play areas.



We couldn’t resist these Red Rocket Cushions for our call room and chose to match the lime green from our logo with our office lockers – some greenery is good! And what do you think of our wall art…? We made it ourselves. (Digital Visitor HQ © Digital Visitor)

Inside Digital Visitor's new offices

Over at Facebook, mismatched furniture never looked so good. In fact, we could do with some of those deck chairs! Mark Zuckerberg would feel right at home here in his hoodie. (Facebook offices © Sarah Marshall, Flickr) 

Facebook offices © Sarah Marshall, Flickr

Google says relaaax! Not sure we’d get a lot of social media marketing done with one of these around, but doesn’t it look good? (Google offices © Julian Stallabrass, Flickr)

Google offices © Julian Stallabrass, Flckr

The microblogging service opts for minimalist style – what did you expect? (Twitter offices © Enrique Dans, Flickr)

Twitter offices © Enrique Dans

Where work meets play at Google. (Google offices © Julian Stallabrass, Flickr)

Google offices © Julian Stallabrass, Flckr

And last, but not least… Digital Visitor’s dog, Scout – and a view from the window. We have to say, we like it here! (Digital Visitor HQ)

PicMonkey Collage3