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Written by Carla Ciccotelli

Social media is a young marketing discipline and many ‘gurus’ maintain that you can’t measure the ROI of your social media efforts with traditional marketing metrics (clicks, impressions, revenue etc…). Here at Digital Visitor, we couldn’t disagree more and we always deliver our clients real results from their social media activities and campaigns, with metrics they can value.

Using real-life case studies and analytics from across our network, we will show you how you can use social media to generate a meaningful ROI for your business.

Before 2012, many believed it was important for their organisation to just ‘be’ on social media – and that was a good enough reason but now your directors want proof.  They don’t care if you think it’s cool that your fans can play a fun game on your Facebook page – they just want to know if it’s going to help their bottom line. So how do you articulate social media ROI?

The right measurements

While measuring the ROI of a social media campaign depends on your company’s goals (brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, reduced returns/call volumes), here are the three key metrics we believe every business should consider when determining their social media ROI.

Now we’ll look into each of these in more detail below, providing some helpful tips so you can monetise your social media campaigns.

1. Traffic

website traffic 2We all know as a general rule of thumb – if you increase quality traffic to your site, you will also increase sales, but let’s take a closer look:

a) Organic traffic

We’ve always known that to rank well, your website needs fresh, unique content added regularly. The most recent algorithm updates by search engines placed even more weight on user-generated content and social media, making it a critical piece of the overall SEO puzzle.

Gathering customer content – such as reviews, ratings, photos, videos, comments and discussions on your site, together with social indications – such as likes, shares, tweets, pins of this content – will all help enhance your SEO visibility, driving more organic traffic to your site.  In fact, our research shows that 1 review will drive 1 new organic visitor per month. So 1,000 reviews on your website can drive 12,000 organic visitors in a year.

A few things to consider:

b) Referral/social media traffic

So you’ve gathered all this amazing customer content on your site but what else can be done to really make the most of it?

A few things to consider:

Below is a summary of the statistics we have quoted and some examples of just how much traffic social media could drive to your website:

summary of stats re our network and sm 2013

2. Community Growth

It’s all well and good sharing content with your social communities, but what’s the point if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

While it’s important to grow your social media communities, the question you should be asking is how you can create a quality audience of people who are interested in your products and services – so you can interact and engage with them time and time again.

about us imageA few things to consider:

3. Revenue / Client Generation

So, why have we just advised you to invest in building your community? Well because we’ve had great success in directly selling to a brand’s Facebook community and suggest you do this too.

One of the clear benefits of investing time and money to grow a loyal community is that you now have an engaging audience to which you can communicate discount coupons and flash sales to drive direct revenue and traffic to your website.

A few things to consider:

Some final words of advice

Social media ROI can be measured – and it should be approached in the same manner as you would any other marketing activity. You certainly would expect to see a return for your email marketing, advertising or PPC so why should you accept anything less for your social media activity.

Just remember;

a)  Identify what it is that your business will consider as a success for your social media campaign.

b)  Understand what are the specific metrics you will need to measure to determine this.

c) Ensure you set targets.

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