collage ski tripMany studies have proven the significant influence that engaging, rich media content such as photos and videos has on consumer purchasing decisions – and this is especially true in the travel industry.

In this article, we explore the benefits of gathering inspiring content and how you can use this content to inspire bookings on your website and beyond.

Travel is experiential and great travel photos and videos are one of the very best ways to inspire people to book a holiday.  But it’s not just ‘professional’ imagery that inspires. In fact, today’s consumers actually prefer to see genuine content from others ‘like them’.

Inspiring, user generated content is one of the most powerful forms of travel marketing and one of the very best ways to increase conversions. Genuine photos and videos inspire instantly whilst building confidence in your business. When a visitor looks at such content, they can’t help but try to imagine themselves in the scene. It also provides a personal source of information about an experience or destination which many consumers trust more than what your business might have to say on your website or brochures about your brand and products.

Below is just a few recent stats showcasing the significant impact of user generated content when it comes to inspiring travel bookings;

When it comes to ski holidays in particular – nothing makes you want to round up your best friends and get out on the slopes more than a video like this … you can already feel the snow fall on your face and can smell the freshness of the mountain air.

Gathering inspirational content on your website

Our Social Reviews Application goes beyond many existing solutions, by enabling your customers to add their own photos and videos on your website.upload form feb 13

Not only does this content inspire bookings, it also enhances your SEO by providing a constant flow of fresh, unique, rich media content – giving search engines the perfect reason to come back to your site to index it. Read more here about the SEO benefits of using our app…

Understanding this, independent specialist ski travel agency Skitracer recently integrated our application to enable them to gather such content on their website.

“At Skitracer, our USP is that we offer a wide range of ski holidays and provide great value ski deals but with a more personal service than larger ski travel agents. By gathering real experiences from our skiers and boarders, we’re able to provide potential customers with the user generated content they want to see before booking.”

Kate Moore, Skitracer

Going beyond your website

So you’ve gathered all this fantastic content on your site to inspire bookings and improve your SEO, but there is still an opportunity for you to share this content with the social world to drive traffic back to your website and generate even more sales.

Our stats show that businesses who share content from their website to their social profiles can drive up to 2 times their social media community to their website per month.  So if you have 5,000 Likes, you can drive 10,000 visitors to your site each month.

Furthermore, social networking sites and rich media content go together like peas in a pod.  Take Facebook for example – adding media to your updates improves your Edgerank and a good score increases the chance of your post being seen by your fans and beyond to give your brand maximum visibility. Read more about Edgerank here…

As the stat above indicate (87% of people under the age of 37, use Facebook for inspiration), social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving travel planning today – clearly showing why it’s important to ensure your page is optimised with inspirational photos and videos. And it’s not just Facebook. The same study found that over half also use Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms for inspiration; and on Pinterest, Travel is one of the top 10 categories.

Capturing and sharing real pictures from your customers is the very best testimonial for your business. Our applications are easy to integrate – in fact, we can have you up and running in just a few hours so you can start capturing inspirational photos and videos from your customers today!

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