The Ice Bucket Challenge began in New York and is sweeping the UK – raising awareness about (and vital funds for) the Motor Neurone Disease Association / Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association in America, as it goes from plain campaign to viral campaign…! Benedict Cumberbatch has done it. David Beckham has done it. Even Homer Simpson has done it! Some of us here have also followed suit – this week saw Paul WhitrowSimon JonesSheri Matthews, Kirsty Drago and Lauren Santini (the latest addition to our social media agency) soak themselves for charity.

Here are their best bits –

Have you been nominated? Get involved and you can nominate three others, who have 24 hours to accept – or make a donation, like Patrick Stewart, who stayed bone dry!  But, of course you could do both…

For more information on how to donate by text, online or  over the phone, visit the MND Association’s website.