An interesting article on recently looked at how factors such as the leadership and culture of your company may impact the way your employees get behind your social media efforts.

In any organisation, when it comes to posting content and interacting with consumers on social media, your best resource is your very own employees, so how can your company count on them?

Ann Nadeau, Corporate Director of Marketing at Joie de Vivre (specialists in self-catering, holiday accommodation across the South of France and in Ibiza) believes that the leadership and culture of your hotel will greatly influence the extent to which your employees will get behind social media as an extension of the excellent service provided at your hotel.

For example, at Joie de Vivre, the founder and senior leaders are committed to developing, engaging and servicing their guests needs whether it be in-person or online, and at each of their properties, they appoint a ‘Social Media Champion’; someone who excels at both customer service and is passionate about the social media arena.

The Champion is empowered to create content, talk with guests and share relevant brand and hotel information and as the Champions are typically staff on the front lines of service, building a relationship is a natural extension of their role.

Moreover, the Social Media Champions gather together on a regular basis for Social Media Summits and classes at Joie de Vivre University and they have found that the sharing, learning and empowerment of this group helps enable ongoing interaction with their guests. They also recognise and reward Champions at their Summits and once a year by leadership at a Revenue Retreat.

When asked about how a hotel can go about nurturing brand personality through social media and how to choose the right tone/engagement strategy to suit your brand, Nadeau suggests that “being yourself” is best. At Joie de Vivre, they simply think of their social media presence as a natural extension of what they are when they engage with their guests!

Nadeau states; “Our service and connection with our guests needs to happen in our lobby just as it would on our Facebook page. Social media allows us the opportunity to amplify our voice and refine our ability to listen to those that matter to us most and at the same time remain personally connected one-to-one.”

She continues; “We can address customer service issues, share more about some unique property amenities, discuss local destination information and provide deals wish to exchange with our guests. Sure, the risks are higher if something goes wrong but if you are transparent, sincere and genuine in creating great experiences for your customers, forgiveness and recovery in those instances will come a little easier.”

You can read the full in-depth interview here….