Influencer Marketing for the Hotel Industry

Influencer marketing, or influencer PR, is fast becoming one of the most effective ways for brands to reach out to customers through the voices they trust. The hotel industry, in particular, is well placed to take advantage of influencers simply because of the compelling “product” on offer. And this is especially true for independent hotels.

But, as much as consumers have come to trust well-known influencers, the hotel industry isn’t yet on board with the approach to the same extent as fashion or retail. Whether this is a result of logistical challenges or a lack of communication on behalf of agencies isn’t clear, but an industry to which customer experience is so vital should be considering influencers as the next big marketing step.

Last week, Managing Director of Digital Visitor, Anthony Rawlins, took to the stage at the National Hotel Marketing Conference, delivering insights into influencer marketing and offering practical examples of the way in which hotels can use influencers to drive their business forward.

Below is the presentation as it appeared on stage, from which you can expect to gain an understanding of:

– Influencer marketing and the definition of an influencer

– Best practice for working with influencers effectively

– Why hotels should work with influencers and what they can achieve/deliver


Key Presentation Takeaways:

– Influencer marketing is a way of engaging your target market in a deeper, more immersive and trustworthy way

– Influencers are among the most trusted ways of reaching an audience primarily interested in recommendations and consumer opinion

– Offers relatively low cost coverage and can potentially have a huge impact with consumers, resulting in compelling ROI

– Identify the right bloggers for your brand and build relationships; ongoing engagement and influencer activity has the biggest impact

– Influencer marketing can drive reach, data capture, content views, event attendees and, ultimately, sales

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