Like any project, digital or otherwise, social media requires more organisation than people are often aware. It isn’t something that just happens, and every one of our social media campaigns or ongoing projects is managed from inception to completion by a talented team of account managers. Without them, nothing would happen. Nothing would run smoothly. No results would be seen. And yet, these organisational powerhouses are often the least talked about.

To better understand the rigours of what it means to be a social media account manager, we’ve turned to our own Charlotte Le Lohé, for the inside track on her role in a digital agency and what market fluctuations she’s noticed over the years.

Firstly, could you give us a little insight about yourself and what you do at Digital Visitor?

I’ve worked as an Account Manager at Digital Visitor for almost three years. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients including AccorHotels, JNTO, Catalunya, Eastbourne and Egencia.  

As an account manager I have my own portfolio of clients which requires an aptitude for multitasking across many active projects. I work closely with the Social Media Manager (Keri Hudson) and our team of delivery specialists to ensure we’re delivering on time and on budget, while being the main client liaison.

Your expertise lies in client management, but what would you say is the biggest trend in social media right now?

Online video is the future of content marketing, and it’s become a powerful tool for brands to tell stories that engage their audiences. Our Facebook newsfeeds are dominated by video content from friends, paid advertisers and the brands we follow, which is what consumers love. This is why it’s critical that businesses are creating content that users will want to view and share.

Online video is the future of content marketing…

Would you say the expectations of your clients are changing? If so, how?

Honestly, I haven’t seen a big change in our clients’ technical understanding of social media. I’ve found there’s sometimes an expectation to see new leads and other results flood in with little effort, across short timescales. That hasn’t changed, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to either; they hire us for a good reason.

It takes time, effort and commitment to see it flourish. It’s not a quick fix…

Unfortunately, this is not how social media marketing works. It takes time, effort and commitment to see it flourish. It’s not a quick fix, and undoubtedly becomes an essential strategy that, when executed properly, is designed for the long haul.  

What are the most common client misconceptions surrounding social media? Is there anything your clients struggle to grasp?

It’s a challenging profession! Social media management requires strategy, creativity and a lot of time. Understanding social media is the equivalent to understanding customers and the psychology of the market.

Understanding social media is the equivalent to understanding customers and the psychology of the market.

Another misconception is the value of Influencer PR. Word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there. Potential customers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a person they respect and trust than to ads or other corporate messaging.

Enter bloggers! Not only does it extend your brand’s reach through influencers own social media channels, but a collaboration can result in high quality, shareable content.

Where, in terms of uptake, will social media be this time in 12 months? Will we see industry growth or decline?

Growth, of course!

Fast forward to 2018. I foresee social media becoming a default aspect of every business. Increased social media marketing skills plus smarter metric and bench-marking will bring stronger performance marketing to social activation.

This will raise the bar on social media, taking it out of the “woolly” and making it integral to customer communication and experience.