Always on the hunt for the next big idea in social media, Digital Visitor is excited to announce the launch of ‘Experience Jersey’, a unique and innovative social media campaign for Visit Jersey.

Based around the idea of a social hub, the Experience Jersey campaign uses 4 hash tags to encourage users of Instagram, Vine and Twitter to share their images and videos of the island. These photographs and video shorts are then fed through to a moderator, with the best ending up on the Experience Jersey hub.

Jersey Tourism Social Media Campaign

Simple and elegantly designed, the infectious Experience Jersey hub uses eye-catching imagery and a malleable layout to showcase the very best Jersey has to offer.

But there’s real substance there too. Given the ability to pin the most impressive images to the top of the hub, it offers an outstanding first impression, capitalised upon by one clear call to action; share!

And it is that clear message that makes the social hub so good at what it’s designed to do; drive targeted visitors to the wider ‘Escape to Jersey’ campaign undertaken by Visit Jersey, who we’ve been working with since 2012.

“We challenged Digital Visitor to extend the reach of our summer campaign through social media and the social hub was one of a number of innovative ideas they presented.

We loved the idea of engaging with our audience through social media and harnessing valuable user content from multiple channels and the process of taking the product from concept to delivery has been great.  We look forward to working with them to make the Jersey Social Hub a huge success.”

– Adam Caerlewy-Smith, Head of Marketing, Visit Jersey

The reason the social hub works perfectly for destinations ties in with the idea that holidays and short breaks are all about the experience. Wherever or whatever it is, people can’t wait to share their experiences.

Visit Jersey Marketing Campaign

To magnify the performance of the wider Escape to Jersey campaign, our team has also been running a series of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ads, alongside a wide range of social PR across social networks including Pinterest and Instagram.

It is this activity that underpins the performance of any social media campaign, ensuring the highest possible quality of traffic and directly maximising conversions for your campaign, website or partners.

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