The world of social media marketing moves quickly, and with new trends and developments in technology comes new, exciting marketing possibilities. One of the most important trends in social media in the recent past has been the introduction of user generated content (UGC) to marketing strategies.

And what a good idea it is too; why say it yourself if your advocates can say it better, and louder, than you ever could?

As an agency always keen to remain – proactively – one step ahead of the crest of the social media wave, we’ve developed a new way of capturing user generated content. Focused on harnessing the content your advocates create around your brand, destination or product, this cutting-edge approach has proved powerful in engaging advocates and reaching targeted new audiences.

Introducing the Social Hub

It’s called the social hub. And, in a nutshell, it captures user generated content by drawing it through from multiple sources using hand-picked hash-tags (Twitter, Instagram) and gathering it all in one place. What’s better is that you only need one piece of code to add it to your website. Click here to find out more about the features of our social hub…

“Bring user generated content (UGC) together on your website, and harness its power to boost sales, supercharge engagement and improve performance.”

The benefits of this new campaign concept line up neatly with those of UGC more generally. Having a space that takes charge of all that positive customer interaction is a powerful marketing tool, whether you’re promoting a brand, product or destination. Add to that forward-thinking e-commerce solutions (buy buttons) and effective sharing mechanisms, and it’s easy to see how the social hub can be described as part of the next generation of social media campaigns.

Click here to discover more about what our social hub can do for you. Not sure if it’s quite right for your business? You can test the social hub today using our free version and see it in action…