SMgraph_YourWebsite (2)We are pleased to announce that the 4th generation of our award-winning social media solution is now available.

Our team have spent the past six months working hard – day and night – to ensure the newest version of our solution is at the forefront of social media technology.

Here’s just some of the major enhancements:


Even easier integration

This is one of the major areas of development and, with the new solution, we have focused on making it even easier to integrate into just about any website. How do we do this? Well, we have narrowed down our solution to just a few simple lines of code so that it literally takes a few minutes to set up.

Enhanced SEO benefits

Again a major enhancement for us is to make sure that the SEO benefit goes directly to the client’s website for absolutely every bit of content uploaded.  Therefore, we have included ways to ensure that the content is visible by search engines and we will be introducing ‘seller’ ratings shortly.

Improved user experience

Whilst optimising for search engines is very important when building a website or web application, it’s no secret that you also have to design with the users in mind – after all, they are the ones who will be using it and interacting with it. So we listened to what our current clients had to say and conducted countless user trials to find out what we could do to improve the user experience of our solution. The result –  our new solution has an improved new user interface, making it quick and simple to use.

Enhanced ‘Watch’ feature

We’ve made enhancements to our ‘Watch’ feature to make it even easier to use. This invaluable feature enables the user to select experiences or products they are interested in, so that when reviews, photos, videos or discussions are added, they are automatically pushed to the user, driving repeat visits. Read more about the Watch feature

Better Social Login and Broadcast features

There is no doubt that social media plays a big part in marketing today and we know how important it is for businesses to be able to connect with consumers on these channels to build loyal communities. With this in mind, we’ve improved our Social Login and Social Broadcast features to make the sharing process even easier – with the focus of ensuring we drive as much traffic as possible back to our client’s websites. Read more about Social Login and Social Sharing

Proactive Content Gathering

We know that more reviews increases conversions and drives more traffic. Of the hundreds of companies we have worked with, those that actively seek customer feedback, gather the most content and generally, it is more inspiring and positive. So we’ve introduced a new service to help you gather more content. We’ll email your customers on return from their trip or after purchasing your products, and kindly direct them back to your website to add content. Read more about our Proactive Content Gathering service…

Simon Jones, Director of Operations and Co-Founder at Digital Visitor says;

“Here at Digital Visitor, we strive to ensure that our solutions and services demonstrate return on investment for our clients and we believe it’s about showing increased traffic from social channels, increased website conversions and sales – which of course leads towards reducing customer acquisition costs. These improvements (and many more) have been implemented to enable us to continually show a clear ROI”.


Find out more about the latest version of our social media solution and get started today. Call us on +44(0)1179 055 195 or email