Is Facebook Testing a New Pages Layout?

Well, it appears to be…

After logging onto Facebook this morning, one Digital Visitor employee found that her Facebook pages looked drastically different. Known for testing changes by user and not individual pages, it seems our Director of Operations has hit the social media jackpot.

Or, at least, been welcomed into a slightly more exclusive club…

What Are the Changes?

facebook pages layout change

Before we try our hardest to read a little too much into these changes and what they mean, let’s nail down what exactly they are.

* Remember, these are our observations, and not an exhaustive list of every change.

What Could This Possibly Mean?

changes facebook pages

At the very least, these changes represent a continuation of steps made by every social media platform to introduce cleaner, clearer aesthetics. The cover image is now completely unobscured, making its size and impact far more striking and modern in design.

And it seems like most of the other changes have been made to facilitate this design direction. Having said that, this effort to clean up its image has led to Facebook offering far clearer calls to action on its pages. To our, admittedly blurry, eye the new blue button does a far better job of standing out, than the almost hidden button most of us are still grappling with.

Will the Changes be Rolled Out? And When?

Being mere mortals, we’re not privy to the inner-workings of social media’s dominant giant. Suffice to say there are changes afoot – they rarely make it this far without being introduced globally within 12 months – but whether they’ll be exactly as displayed here isn’t something we can comment on.

Stay tuned for updates as they happen, and in the meantime go and check your pages!