For companies in the B2B sector, LinkedIn is probably the most important social network, allowing users to connect with customers and generate new leads amongst members that have business firmly in their minds. Having created a company page, LinkedIn gives users two options for paid advertising on the site, including sponsored updates and ads – so what are the major differences between them?

LinkedIn Advertising –

Sponsored Updates


These involve paying (per click or per 1,000 impressions) to boost your company updates by promoting them to a targeted audience outside of your company’s LI followers.

Once they’ve been published, you can sponsor any of your company updates but can’t change the way they will appear in people’s feeds – you can’t amend the title, the URL or the image originally included.

When you sponsor an update, LinkedIn will help you track the number of additional impressions, clicks, interactions and followers acquired, so you can see at a glance how the update performed by comparing stats achieved before and after a particular piece of content was sponsored.

Key considerations –

LinkedIn Ads

If you choose to run an ad instead, you can create up to 15 variations for each ad (including a different URL, a different pic, different copy, different CTA) – allowing you to work out what performs best and using that information to optimise their efficiency at driving conversions.

However, the space you have to play with is massively reduced. These ads don’t appear in the main LI feed but in the column next to them. This means you’ll have to pay attention to each character you use in your promotion and how any imagery will display when resized to fit

LI provides analytics for sponsored updates and ads with the latter allowing you to keep an eye on how each variation of your ad is performing. You can set your ads to rotate evenly or in a different order to prioritise the one that’s achieving the most clicks.

Key considerations –


Whether you opt for sponsored updates or LinkedIn ads, the targeting remains the same. You can narrow the size of your campaign’s audience according to a variety of factors, including (but not limited to): location, industry and company size.

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