We’re delighted to announce the launch of an innovative Facebook app developed specifically for destinations.

Promote your destination and educate potential visitors about the wide variety of experiences you offer with an interactive map – try the demo.

It offers all the benefits of a bespoke Facebook campaign for the price of an off the shelf app!

How does it work?

Map screenshot

The interactive map is ideal for destinations or resorts wanting to showcase a variety of attractions, things to do and see and places to stay and eat.

Users are asked a series of questions about your destination and they have to explore the interactive map to find each answer.

Hovering over specific icons on the map brings up more information about the particular attraction, experience, hotel or restaurant with the option for the user to select as the correct answer.

For example, if you’re asked “Where can you ‘hang ten’ in perfect safety?” the correct response would be to click on family-friendly indoor surfing facility.

By the end of the game, users will have visited (virtually, at least) all of the attractions on the hot spot map and learned a bit about them as well.

Hot Spot Map Campaign Pt 2

There’s also a possibility to enhance the campaign by providing exclusive discount codes or offering entrants the chance to win a holiday or short break as an incentive to complete data capture forms.

Map Quiz Complete Screenshot

Become a fan of our DV Demo Page on Facebook and try our new app for yourself! Want to be one of the first destinations using this exciting new campaign application? Contact us now.