The world of social media is a fast-paced environment, one that changes from day to day. To help you keep your finger directly on the pulse of what’s happening in social, we’ll be putting together a weekly roundup of all the latest social media news from around the web.

Facebook Messenger Goes Independent

As of this week you no longer need a Facebook account to sign up for Facebook Messenger. All you need is a phone number and though the move might seem bold, it makes an awful lot of sense.

Given the fact that Facebook clearly wants its Messenger to be your primary messaging app, requiring that you tie it to a Facebook account will inevitably hold it back. After all, there are more phone numbers than Facebook accounts out there.

Latest Social Media News

Instagram Tackles Real-Time

Instagram has announced that it’s expanding and diversifying its search and explore features, offering it’s 300 million active monthly users the ability to discover what’s going on and trending both around the globe and locally.

This is a major step into real-time sharing – for so long Twitter’s forte – and could have big implications for the world of social media. Though currently only available in the US, you could soon be using Instagram to easily find excellent places to stay or eat in your location.

Twitter Looks To Commitment

With Twitter’s interim CEO, Jack Dorsey, currently juggling the same job at the social platform and Square, it’s board of directors made its position very clear; If you’re not “in a position to make a full-time commitment to Twitter”, then no dice.

Facebook To Streamline Data Capture

With email still at the forefront of digital marketing – somewhere it’ll remain for a while yet – one major aim for businesses is capturing the email addresses of as many customers as possible. Until now, this has proved difficult on mobile.

Facebook has looked at this and decided that they can make it easier, leveraging your profile information to auto-fill contact forms at the touch of a button. To ensure these “Lead Ads” don’t violate Facebook’s privacy policy you’ll still need to ‘Subscribe’ and then ‘Submit’, but it’s still a far cry from having to type in all of your details.

Latest Social Media News

Wimbledon Dives into Periscope

Over the past few years, Wimbledon has established itself as big business in the realm of social media. Last year’s final between Roger Federer and eventual winner, Novak Djokovic, alone generated an impressive 1 million tweets.

Seeking to capture that buzz in more ways than ever before for 2015, Tournament organisers have decided to use Periscope (and Snapchat) to “capture unique moments” and engage with the younger generation more at home on social media.

Twitter Timing Research Study

If you’re active on social media – and you probably are – any researched information you can gather about the best ways to use a platform is going to be of interest. Enter Buffer.

The guys at Buffer have been at work analysing over 4.8 million tweets from 10,000 profiles. And they’ve worked out the best times to tweet. Head over to their blog to see all the top line data. But if you want to generate clicks, you’d better tweet super early in the morning!

Slack Hits 1m Daily Users

1 million daily users is quite the landmark. After little over 1 year in business, collaborative workplace software, Slack, has already hit that milestone and shows no sign of slowing down.

Designed to ‘make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive’ it now generates revenues of $25 million a year. Users of the platform can now collaborate across 100 different ‘integrations’ – MailChimp, Google Drive, Twitter – to streamline the working environment. Oh and there’s a bit of direct chat too.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Prepares To Go Instant

Last month, Facebook announced ‘Instant Articles’, positioned as “a tool for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook…”

The Wall Street Journal has now revealed that Facebook’s 9 launch partners for the feature are gearing up to publish their first content. The New York Times, for instance, is set to bring in the region of 30 articles per day to the platform.

Though only initially available to select groups – to gauge reaction – it is expect that Instant Articles will be rolled out across the platform gradually.