The world of social media is a fast-paced environment, one that changes from day to day. To help you keep your finger directly on the pulse of what’s happening in social, we’ll be putting together a weekly roundup of all the latest social media news from around the web.

Shazam Goes Social

As of this week, users of music discovery app Shazam will be able to discover what over 30 top artists – a list which will grow – are listening to.

“The biggest artists in the world are also the biggest fans. They use Shazam every day to explore new music, and for the first time ever, their fans can share in those moments as they happen.” – Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer at Shazam

To get on board with this, users will have to follow their favourites, an action that will also keep them up to date with artist information, as well as any new singles, albums and videos.

Buyable Pins have started rolling out

Last month, Pinterest announced its intention to bring the entire product buying process into the platform. A good move, you’d think for a platform that drives more traffic and revenue – relatively – than facebook.

Pinterest has now started rolling out its buyable pins to US pinners on iOS. It is expect that over ‘the next few weeks, 30 million Pins all over Pinterest will become buyable.’

This could be a dangerous development for consumers; see something you like on Pinterest and it could be on its way to you at the touch of a button (once you’ve entered your personal information).

Twitter Riles Users With “Ugly” New Ads Button

Twitter has riled many of its users by adding, what has been described as, an “ugly” ‘Twitter Ads’ button to its mobile apps.

This button gives tweeters the ability to manage their monetised campaigns, but serves no use to those without a campaign. It serves little to no purpose if you haven’t got a campaign already running.

New App Beet Compiles Montage Of Your Life

The world of social media is a fast moving one, with new apps and ideas popping up all over the place. The latest competitor? Beet.

Currently available for iOS, Beet takes short videos and stitches them together into an ‘ongoing montage’ for discovery by friends and others.

Facebook Takes Into Account Video Actions

On the back of recent research, Facebook has started taking wider range of actions into account when deciding what to videos to deliver to your News Feed.

As you might expect, not everyone who enjoys a Facebook video is compelled to like it or comment on it. With that in mind, Facebook will now use ‘turning on sound’ and ‘making the video full screen’ as signs that you enjoyed a video.

New Pricing Option for Facebook Video Ads

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will now give the option of only charging for videos after they have been viewed for 10 seconds.

This news follows complaints that marketers were having to pay for relatively unpopular videos, which wouldn’t necessarily offer good ROI. Though because Facebook’s ads are sold via auctions, there’s a good chance this new ad format will cost more.

Reddit Goes Dark in Protest

The internet is awash with news that – following the sacking of popular AMA host, Victoria Taylor – Reddit is, rather rapidly, pulling itself apart. The reason for the sacking is unknown, but it is thought that it could be the result of Jesse Jackson’s rather embarrassing AMA earlier this week.
In protest, many of Reddit’s most popular ‘subreddits’ have gone private. Representing tens of millions of Reddit users, that essentially amounts to a blackout of the platform.