The world of social media is a fast-paced environment, one that changes from day to day. To help you keep your finger directly on the pulse of what’s happening in social, we’ll be putting together a weekly roundup of all the latest social media news from around the web.

Twitter Takes A Tumble

Business isn’t going quite so smoothly for Twitter. In response to uncertain leadership and slow growth, and despite better than expected profits, the network’s stock tumbled 11% in after hour trading earlier this week.

Expect a fight back. In its 2nd quarter results, Interim CEO, Jack Dorsey said:

“Our Q2 results show good progress in monetization, but we are not satisfied with our growth in audience…

“In order to realize Twitter’s full potential, we must improve in three key areas: ensure more disciplined execution, simplify our service to deliver Twitter’s value faster, and better communicate that value.”

Decentralising Google+

Big news from Google this week. Soon, you’ll no longer need a Google+ account to use its core services. Is that cheers from the YouTube contingent we can hear?

Once rolled out, users will only need a Google account to use all of its features. What does this mean in reality for Google+?

Well, it seems like Google is still keen on supporting the platform, but it may result in fewer signups. After all, only half of the network’s users are in any way active.

New Twitter Homepage Incoming

Reports are coming in that Twitter has made a drastic revision to its homepage, at least in the US. Users who aren’t logged in will now see high-value tweets, designed to encourage sign up and do a better job of explaining the Twitter product than the smiling face of Olly Murs.

You’re Hired!

The tech industry is largely male dominated. And Pinterest is planning to fight back. Having released its hiring goals for 2016, Pinterest has stated that it plans to increase the number of female employees, interns and engineers at the company.

It’s certainly refreshing to see a global tech firm impose accountability on itself, taking steps to improve diversity in an industry that has historically been seemingly impenetrable for women and minorities.

Stay Secure on Facebook

Security is big on social media, especially Facebook where an almost disconcerting amount of your personal information is stored. Security is paramount.

With that in mind, Facebook has begun rolling out a new security update to double-check that features like logged in apps and passwords are secure and set up properly. Just sit tight and wait for the relevant notification.

Twitter for Windows 10

Twitter needs to impress at the moment, and it’s taking any opportunity that presents itself. So, alongside the much-heralded launch of Windows 10, Twitter has launched an attractive new app. You don’t even have to log in to see top tweets on the platform.

What are you waiting for? Update that operating system and download the new Twitter app.

Quarterly Facebook Revenue Up

Facebook will be satisfied. Following a disappointing Q1, the beau of social media has announced seriously impressive Q2 revenues of over $4bn, up $1.1bn on the same period in 2014.

Analysts, bloggers and website owners have long been predicting the eventual downfall of the platform. We’re not so sure… Facebook may outlast us all.