The world of social media is a fast-paced environment, one that changes from day to day. To help you keep your finger directly on the pulse of what’s happening in social, we’ll be putting together a weekly roundup of all the latest social media news from around the web.

Limitless Direct Messaging

The 140-character limit is the essence of Twitter. But it’s never made sense to have a character limit for direct messages. I mean, who are you trying to impress with a direct message?

Well, Twitter has now come to its senses and removed that particular limit from its service. You can now DM to you heart’s content and not have to worry about being succinct. Though we’d still recommend it.

Can’t currently see the change? Twitter will be rolling it out to users over the next few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

Google is Dead, Long Live Google!

Ok, so that might be a slightly misleading title. But Google is no longer quite what Google was. It’s now the largest subsidiary of new holding company, Alphabet.

Headed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the responsibility of Google now falls to new CEO Sundar Pichai. The reason behind this somewhat unexpected turn of events? Simplicity.

According to Google:

‘Our company is operating well today, but we think we can make it cleaner and more accountable.’

You can find out more about Alphabet here…

More Changes for Facebook Video Ads

Facebook has announced a ‘significant expansion of ad types and formats available in the Audience Network.’ Publishers on the network will now be able to bring the native autoplay experience to their apps.

In addition, publishers will now have wider selection of ad formats to choose from; their best performing. This include dynamic product ads, carousel ads and click to play video.

Money, money, money, money… Money (and Pinterest)

In line with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and just about every other social media network out there, Pinterest is always looking at ways of increasing revenue.

First, buyable pins. What next? You can find out what Pinterest’s Tim Kendall has in store over at TechCrunch, who recently sat down with him to find out more about the platform’s plans.