We came across this interesting question on Quora, and below is what we think…

As the leading provider of social media and online community solutions for the travel and tourism industry, we have created branded community platforms for some of our industries’ best brands.

What we have found is that with branded communities, they do not need a lot of moderation because users are given the tools to report inappropriate content (such as the “report this” button).  This will free up your time and allow the members to moderate the community themselves.

Of course every new community will require some initial facilitation to kick if off, so management may be required to post discussion topics or content to start the conversations, however remember to put in place an exit plan as it can become a drain on your resources.

If a community can’t grow organically and generate it’s own discussion, either the function of the community is wrong, or the community ideas are not engaging enough to start with. A real community should be able to stand on its own two feet.

Finally, our own in-house research has found that branded communities as a whole, need less moderation and as a general rule of thumb receive 80 – 90% positive content.

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