Founded in 1989 to establish technology standards within the travel industry, The Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) holds numerous events throughout the year to bring together like-minded individuals who have an interest in keeping up to date with what is happening in Travel Technology.

This conference, held on 19th March, explored the continual challenges the online world brings for travel companies all over the world today.


Digital Visitor’s CEO Anthony Rawlins session “From Social to Sales” looked specifically at how social media can benefit your organisation to provide a real return on investment.

You can view the presentation below…

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Event synopsis:

The online world throws down the challenge of a never-ending quest. Even if your website or mobile presence is producing excellent results there is no rest. You know that a further tweak here or re-design there might further increase sales. There is no option to sit back and be satisfied.

The most successful websites are run by those who are continually trying something new, always running A/B testing to see which changes provide an incremental improvement and which should be discarded.


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