As announced in November, this month has seen Facebook’s recent move to decrease the quantity of promotional Page posts from users’ Newsfeeds. The implications of this for businesses – quality and relevancy of content for a page’s audience are more critical than ever.

Following a study looking at how people felt about content in their Newsfeed, Facebook discovered that its users ‘wanted to see more stories from friends and more importantly ‘that a lot of the content people see as too promotional is posts from Pages they like, rather than ads.’

Facebook Page Posting Tips

Looking more closely at this problem, Facebook identified three traits as the cause of page posts seeming too promotional. While marketers and businesses will be tasked with updating their content strategies to ensure that it is newsfeed friendly, it is crucial that businesses heed the advice provided by Facebook itself as the Gospel truth of what NOT to do – below is what Facebook advises businesses avoid when promoting pages.


While some businesses might be hard-pressed to make amends with the recent Facebook Newsfeed change, those who embrace the idea that Facebook’s aim is to make Newsfeed a Happier Place will find the change to be less of an issue.  The changes will see ensure that users see less of this:


Thinking about how we use Facebook and what we WANT to see in our own personal Newsfeeds, most of you will agree that this change isn’t such a bad thing. Businesses will certainly be challenged to be creative with the kind of content they feed their audiences, and will have to think more carefully about how best to use their Facebook pages – but extra thinking has always been a requirement to truly engage audiences. Here is a summary of Facebook’s own recommendations for Page posting and best practice tips to get your started:

1. Be consistent

2. Target your posts

3. Keep your posts fresh

4. Boost important posts

5. Give exclusive discounts and promotions with ads

6. Utilise words and pictures to connect to your audience

7. Review your performance

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