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First came Twitter with the retweet, then came Tumblr with the reblog. Now we’re in the year of the ‘repin’ courtesy of interest-based social network Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to repin interesting webpages to their account, echoing Digg or even but where as those websites stored your links as a list, Pinterest allows you to create colourful Pinboards of your favourite links, allowing you to choose images to represent them and providing a space for commentary.

For example, here’s our very own Digital Visitor Pinterest profile

DV Pinterest profile page

Foodies can create boards of exciting new recipes to try, fashionistas can categorise their wardrobe must-haves and the techies can collect website examples, articles on coding and more.

At Digital Visitor, we have created boards about… social media marketing! Here’s an example of one our boards on “Social Media Marketing: Emerging Trends”.

Pins can be repinned with ease, allowing decent content to spread virally and quickly.

Pinterest board DV

Initial Statistics

Just recently Mashable published some interesting statistics comparing US Pinners to UK Pinners.

In short, US Pinners are older, female crafters and cooks, however UK Pinners are younger, richer male users interested in marketing, SEO and Venture Capital.

Read more here

Is Pinterest for your brand?

Pinterest is a very visual site and therefore is better suited to brands with exciting visual content and products, with food and fashion proving popular.

Successful brands include Whole Foods, who maintain a variety of boards, raising awareness of their charitable work and providing dinner inspiration:

Bergdorf Goodman create ‘trend boards’ inspiring Pinterest users to try out a new trend, hopefully purchased from Bergdorf Goodman!

Another very popular category is of course Travel.

According to an article on Tnooz, Pinterest was in fact discussed at the recent Association of Travel Marketing Executives panel, and anyone in the business of marketing travel businesses online can easily see the potential that this new channel might bring.

As pointed out on Tnooz, the easy sharing of inspirational images could lead to droves of travelers one day doing all their travel planning here, thus providing leads for airlines, hotels, cruise lines and online travel agencies.

In fact, a Pinterest blog post actually states that  “people use Pinterest to plan their vacations, redecorate their homes, and create menus for holiday dinners.”

What are your thoughts on Pinterest?

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